London Emergency Contraception

If you’re looking for London emergency contraception, the first thing you want to consider is what type of contraception will suit you best.

The two forms of London emergency contraception

There are two forms of London emergency contraception. There is the pill form, of which the two brands available are ellaOne and Levonelle. The other form of emergency contraception is an intrauterine device or coil, commonly referred to as an IUD. The type of contraception you choose will have a bearing on where you can get it.

The emergency contraception pill is certainly the most convenient way of obtaining London emergency contraception. This is because both brands of pill are generally available at many High Street pharmacies and numerous GUM or sexual health clinics across London. Whether you opt for ellaOne or Levonelle depends on your individual characteristics. A clinician can advise which brand is best for you.

The advantages of an IUD

Both types of London emergency contraception are very effective. However, given choice between two methods, clinicians will tell you that an IUD is slightly more reliable. There is another advantage in using an IUD rather than contraceptive pills.

The contraceptive pill is a one-off shot. In other words it does its job once and once only. An IUD however carries on working for anywhere between three and twelve years depending on the type of device you plump for. If you do decide to go for an IUD, it will have to be fitted.

Fitting London emergency contraception via an IUD can be done by your GP or by attending a GUM sexual health clinic. If however you are having a device fitted for emergency contraception rather than just on-going contraception, having it fitted quickly is key. Whatever form of emergency contraception you decide on, it must be administered quickly in order to be effective.

Time is of the essence

Getting an appointment with your GP or any NHS facility is notoriously difficult. Waits of more than two weeks for GP appointments are not uncommon. Of course this would render any emergency contraception ineffective.

In an emergency you have the option of using the walk-in sexual health clinic services that we provide here at Broadgate GP clinic London Wall. We supply and/or fit both types of London emergency contraception. If you prefer to book a same day or later appointment please call 020 7638 4330.