Blood Group Testing London

Broadgate GP London offer a private blood group testing service. If you live and/or work in London, you may want to take advantage of the walk-in service that we offer. It’s important for everyone to know their own blood type and that of their close family. Testing for your blood type can be carried out through a routine blood test. If you’re wanting to have blood group testing carried out, then simply get in touch with Broadgate GP.

One of our team will be happy to arrange an appointment for you. It may come about that you or a member of your family may need an urgent blood transfusion and the knowledge of knowing your blood type can be hugely advantageous. It is also important to know whether you or a family member has a rare blood group. This information can be used to grant a hospital sufficient time to ensure adequate supplies are available.

Reasons Your Blood Group Might Need Checking

It may be necessary to establish your blood group for many reasons such as:

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Why Are Blood Groups Important?

In addition to checking your blood group for a number of health reasons it’s also important to know your blood type as some blood can’t be mixed together. When having blood transfused it’s important to use the right type of blood group or it could be fatal. An example is someone who have blood group A being given blood that’s type B. The anti-B antibodies will then attack the B antigens in the donated blood.

How Are Blood Groups Determined?

Your blood group is predetermined by the genes you inherit from your parents. Your blood group all depends on the substances in your blood such as antigens and antibodies. Antigens are proteins found on the surface of red blood cells that cause antibodies to be produced. Whereas antibodies are proteins found in the plasma that fight infection.

The ABO System

  • A – You have A antigens on your red blood cells and anti-B antibodies
  • B – You have B antigens and anti-A antibodies
  • AB – You only have A and B antigens and no anti-A/B antibodies
  • O – O is the most common blood type in the UK, you will have no antigens and both Anti-A/B antibodies

How The ABO System Works

ABO Blood System

The Rh System

  • RhD Positive – Antigen is present
  • RhD Negative – The antigen is not present

Your blood type group is determined by your ABO group and your RhD Group. If you have the blood group is A and RhD positive, then you have the blood type A positive.

What Blood Types Are There?

There are a number of different blood types all of which are either can be compatible with some or none of the other blood groups out there. There are different compatibilities depending on whether it’s red blood cell based or plasma based.

What Blood Group Am I?

It’s easy to find out your blood group, all you need to do it book a GP appointment at Broadgate GP or visit our walk-in clinic. The doctor will take several sample of blood to then carry out a test to determine what blood group you are.

How Blood Group Testing Is Carried Out

There are no special dietary conditions that apply in the 12-hour period leading up to a blood group test but avoiding alcohol is always recommended. The blood will be drawn from an arm simply because it is most convenient to do so.

The area of skin from where the blood sample will be drawn will be pre-cleaned with an antiseptic wipe. The doctor will wrap a band around your arm to make the veins more prominent. A hypodermic needle will be used to puncture your skin and a small amount of blood withdrawn. Several samples will be taken.

Once the needle is removed a small piece of gauze and a sticking-plaster will be put in place to protect the puncture wound. This blood will then be tested to determine what your blood type is.