Sexual Health Clinic London

Sexual Health Clinic in London

As one of the leading sexual health clinics in London, our team at Broadgate GP are able to provide you with the discrete sexual health check service that your require. At our London sexual health clinic we are able to provide a sexual health service that provides testing and treatments for all types of STIs and STDs.

Contact Broadgate GP and one of our team will be happy to arrange a discrete and 100% confidential appointment for you. When you choose to attend our GUM clinic our doctor will provide:

  • A discrete service (Real names not needed)
  • 100% confidential appointments and treatments
  • Same day appointments via call or our walk-in clinic
  • Fast results for all types of testing 
  • Feedback can be given via direct or telephone appointment

All of our private gp staff are sensitive and discreet at all times because we believe in adopting a caring and supportive approach. With our walk-in sexual health clinic, you’ll be able to visit the surgery and be seen right away or alternatively you can always book an appointment in advance.

Should you be suffering a new personal symptom that you think might be caused due to the sexual activity you’ve been engaging in, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Broadgate GP and we’ll be happy to book you in for a same day appointment o alternatively head into out walk-in sexual health clinic in London.

Our Sexual Health Checks

Sexual Health Clinic Appointment in LondonWe offer sexual health STD testing for a wide number of diseases, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Herpes. You can be tested on your own or with a partner and your results will be ready very quickly, in some cases same day.
Whether you’ve had an unfortunate encounter or even if you’re starting a new relationship having a sexual health check carried out can ensure that you or your partner are in perfect health.

Here at Broadgate GP’s private sexual health clinic, we offer a range of confidential checks that are tailored to suit your requirements and symptoms. With both female STI testing & male STI testing available from our London based clinic for sexual health, we have all our patients covered.

All our sexual health consultations are discreet and confidential and use the most up to date test methods to achieve an accurate result. With many diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, HPV and Chlamydia being asymptomatic it is important to put your mind at ease with a full check for your sexual health.

What We Can Test For At Our Clinic

Suffering from a sexually transmitted infection isn’t something to be ashamed of and it’s somethings that many people in and around London suffer from. Offering discrete and confidential appointments ensures your rapid treatment and peace of mind that no one will know you had the infection in the first place. We can test for a range of infections such as:

There are a number of common symptoms to watch our for regarding your sexual health. Being able to identify these symptoms means you can seek treatment for the sexually transmitted infection that you’re suffering from.

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We are one of the leading sexual health clinics in London.

Private Sexual Health Clinic London

As a private sexual health clinic in London, Broadgate GP is perfectly positioned to serve patients throughout the bustling city. Whether it’s a dinner time appointment or a quick sexual health check before work, our same day sexual health clinic is ideal any working man or woman.

We don’t just provide the treatment sexual health appointments and treatments, but we provide advice and support to ensure you finish the treatment with a clean bill of health and the knowledge of how to prevent it from occurring again.
Sexual Health Clinic London
Our doctor is well versed in all the latest symptoms and testing to ensure an accurate diagnosis. As one of the leading sexual health clinics in the area, we pride ourselves on offering a fast and fully confidential appointments.

Regardless of sex, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation everyone is entitled to visit the clinic. We offer both a walk-in and appointment service. All information will be kept confidential. Our GUM clinic regularly holds a range of different sexual health services.

We can discretely test for a number of infections. With most result coming back within a 72 hour period and most the same day, we’ll be able to get you started with the appropriate course of treatment as soon as your results are back in.

What Services Do Sexual Health Clinics Offer?

When it comes to clinics regarding sexual health there are a number of different services that most clinics usually offer such as:

Sexual Health Services London

What Types Of Sexual Health Tests Are Carried Out?

There are a number of std tests that can be used and carried out to detect the presence of STDs. When you choose Broadgate GP Sexual Health Clinic, the doctor will decide on the type of test that is required. Some of the most common tests for STIs are:

  • Urine sample
  • Blood test
  • Swabs from the urethra
  • Examination of your genitals
  • Self-taken vaginal swab

How Long Do Test Results Take To Come Back?

The amount of time it takes for a sexual health testing to come back depends on what type of test you have carried out and what you’re tested for. As a private clinic we are able to fast track results meaning you can have some results same day or within 72 hours. There are certain types of testing that take longer to come back and you might be given preventive medication whilst you wait for your test results. We aim to have all test results back as soon as possible and as soon as we have your results and an accurate diagnosis you’ll know too.

Sexual Health Advice

Sexual Health Advice LondonIt’s not just about the treatment, sexual health advice is important as it provides you with all the knowledge needed to ensure maintain a clear bill of health. If you’ve recently gotten into a new relationship, you’re just starting to experiment with different aspects of your sexuality or would like advice after a recent sexual encounter then Broadgate GP can help.

Over the past ten years the number of STD diagnoses has increased dramatically. In 2012 there were roughly 450,000 STDs diagnosed in the country. The problem is people are unaware of how easy it is to contract an STD. A lot of people seem to assume STDs only happen to those that are ‘sleeping around’.

Whilst the statistics do show that those under the age of 25 are more likely to catch an STD, it certainly doesn’t mean anyone older people can’t catch them. In fact, recent reports show that STDs are rising in those aged over 45; with cases of Herpes, Chlamydia and Syphilis more than doubling.

Our sexual health doctor is fully trained to give patients expert medical advice and guidance on preventing the spread of STDs. With a range of options available regarding the sexual health checks and advice we offer, our doctors can educate you on all the options available to ensure the best decision regarding your sexual health is made. First time intercourse is a big deal for many young people so understanding about what’s involved and the potential health implications is important.


Here at Broadgate GP and walk-in sexual health clinic in London, we also offer contraception advice and prescriptions for contraception. Our doctor can provide you with right type of contraception for your requirements; whether that is emergency contraception, condoms, the pill, an implant, IUD or another form of contraception.

Discrete Sexual Health Services in London

As one of the leading sexual health clinics in London, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of discrete and confidential sexual health services. With both same day appointments and a walk in sexual health clinic available, it’s never been easier to get advice and treatment in regards to your sexual health. Based in the heart of London, we are perfectly positioned to see patients living or working in the city. If you’re in need of a sexual health clinic, then please don’t hesitate to visit Broadgate GP.

Sexual Health Clinic London

For a sexual health clinic in London contact Broadgate GP

Sexual Health FAQs

How do sexual health clinics work?

If you visit a sexual health service or clinic for the first time, you will usually be asked to fill in a form with your name and contact information on (this information is kept confidential so no-one will know about your visit). With the exception of the actual GP, you don’t need to give your real name or tell the staff who your current GP is.

What happens during the consultation?

During the consultation you will usually be asked personal questions regarding your sexual history such as what contraception you use. You may also be asked about your sexual partners and sexual activity. Depending on the information your give, you might need to provide a urine or blood sample to be tested for a sexually transmitted infection. All information gathered during your consultation and any test results will be kept confidential. This means that the information won’t be shared with any other person or your GP, without your permission.

Who can attend your sexual health clinic?

As one of the leading sexual health clinics in London, we offer our services to all patients. Whether you’re a regular patient or are simply wanting a one off sexual health check, we can help.

When can I see a doctor for a sexual health check?

Here at Broadgate GP, our sexual health clinic offers same day appointments which are bookable by phone or alternatively you can simply head into our walk-in clinic.

How long do test results take to come back?

Test results typically come back within a 72 hour window, however most results are available the same day.

I'm embarrassed about getting my treatment for a pharmacy, what should I do?

With our own in-house pharmacy you’ll be able to collect your prescription from us as soon as your test results are back. We provide a friendly and non-judgmental service so you don’t need to worry about feeling embarrass about collecting your prescription.

I need emergency contraception can you help?

If you’ve recently had sex without the use of a condom and are in need of emergency contraception, then simply get in touch with with Broadgate GP or head into our walk in sexual health clinic. One of our doctors will be able to prescribe the appropriate emergency contraception for you.

Could I have an STI from years ago?

Even if you had unprotected sex 10 years ago or potentially even longer, it’s possible that you could be carrying an STI. Many people throughout London and the UK, live with undiagnosed STIs. Chlamydia often has no symptoms but it can affect your fertility later in life. If you’re worried about potentially having an STI, head to your local GUM clinic in London – Broadgate GP.

Can I bring someone with me to the GUM Clinic?

When you visit Broadgate GP sexual health clinic you can bring a chaperone for support, this can be anyone you want it to be such as friend or family member. This person can be with you during the both the consultation and any examination or testing that you might require.

How long does treatment for sexual health conditions last?

There is no average time for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Many can be treated with one off does, whereas some courses of treatment can last a week or even longer.