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Here at Broadgate GP, we work as diet specialists for clients throughout London and the surrounding areas. With a specialist diet you can improve your overall health, lose weight and help to treat and relieve medical conditions that you might be suffering from. As diet specialists we can tailor a specific plan that benefits a healthy lifestyle promoting well-being. We understand that diets are complex mechanisms and that’s why our team will work closely with you to create one that supports your immune system. This means your specialist diet will consist of the right level and balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you’re in need of a diet specialist in London, then be sure to get in touch with Broadgate GP. We can provide you with everything from dietary advice to specialist diets and much more. With both appointments and a walk-in service available, it’s never been easier to see a dietary specialist.

Specialist Diet Plans

There is solid research and evidence that shows having a specialist diet can help to improve your overall health and your immune system. Specialist diet plans are sometimes needed to help with medical conditions such as coeliac disease or intolerances to certain food groups such as dairy.

Our dietary specialists at Broadgate GP, can help to tailor specific diet plans to help with a number of conditions. All of our dietary advice is tailored to ensure it accounts for your personal tastes. For all types of diets it’s important to ensure that you start with your 5 A Day.

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5 A Day – Fruit & Vegetables

5 a day is one of the most important aspects of both diets and a healthy lifestyle and it’s important to understand what counts as five a day. For adults one of your five a day is 80g of fruit or vegetables or 30g of dried fruit. For example an adults five a day could be:

  • One medium fruit such as an apple, banana or pear
  • Three heaped teaspoons of peas, beans or pulses
  • A desert bowl of salad greens
  • One head teaspoon of dried fruit such as raisins or dates
  • A large slice from fruit such as melon or pineapple
5 A Day

Balanced Diets

Diets aren’t all about eating fruit and veg it’s important to have a balance diet of a number of food groups. There are a number of things that are important in constructing a healthy diet and it’s helpful to understand the aspect that each one plays.

Importance of Starch

Food containing starch should constitute a little of over one third of your diet. Meals should consist of potato with the skin left on, pasta or rice. It’s always best to opt for brown or wholegrain foods where possible.

Including Dairy or Substitutes

Dairy produce such as cheese, milk and yoghurt are good sources of protein and they also contain calcium which is essential for the growth and integrity of bones. When it comes to dairy try to choose the low fat options such as skimmed milk.

Eggs and Pulses

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and so are things such as pulses. Pulses can be anything such as beans, lentils etc. In addition to providing protein they are also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Balance of Fats, Oils and Spreads

It’s important to have some fat in your diet it’s just about finding the right balance. When choosing oils or spreads go for low fat options as they help to keep cholesterol levels down too.

Including Fish, Meat and Poultry

Fish (particularly oily fish) is good source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Fish can however also contain mercury and because of this you should not eat more than 2-portions per week. Meat is an excellent source of protein, as it also contains B vitamins, plus iron and zinc; choose meat that is lean .Poultry should be skinned before cooking in order to reduce its fat content.

Sugar Intake

It’s important to limit the amount of sugar you consume and it’s important to remember that fruit contains sugar too. However, Fructose the natural sugar found in fruit is much easier to consume and digest than granulated sugar is.

Healthy Dietary Advice

Having been providing healthy dietary advice to patients throughout London for a number of years, we are able to provide expert advice, guidance and specialist diet plans. To plan your diet and benefit from a much healthier lifestyle it’s important to ensure your diet consists of:

• 5 A Day – Fruit & Vegetables
• Having starch as the foundation of your means
• Including some eggs, beans and pulses
• Consuming small amounts of dairy or alternative options
• Consuming non saturated fats and oils
• A good balance of fish, meat and poultry
• Drinking plenty of clean fluids

Eating a balanced diet is essential for a good healthy lifestyle and improving your overall well-being. Our team of diet specialists in London, can help you create a tailored specialist diet that’s tailored around your lifestyle and your own personal tastes.

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Choose Broadgate GP for Diet Specialists in London

When it comes to needing a dietary specialist in London, be sure to get in touch with Broadgate GP. We have been creating and providing specialist diet plans for patients in and around London for a number of years. With our professional dietary advice, we can help to improve medical conditions you might be suffering from or improve your overall health and well-being. With both appointment and a walk-in service available at Broadgate GP, it’s never been easier to see a diet specialist in London.