Sexual Health Clinic

Sexual Health Clinic

Broadgate GP offers private sexual health screening and Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD or STI) testing at our London City Clinic.  The testing with our private doctors is discrete and confidential and your consultation with our experienced healthcare providers will put your anxieties at ease.

Our London STI Clinic

All of our staff are sensitive and discreet at all times because we believe in adopting a caring and supportive approach. Broadgate General Practice also has a walk-in facility, so you can visit the surgery to be seen right away as well as booking an appointment in advance. If you are worried about a new personal symptom, you should get yourself checked out right mow.

Our STD Testing Service

We offer sexual health STD testing for a wide number of diseases, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Herpes. You can be tested on your own or with a partner and your results will be ready very quickly, in many instances on the same day.

STD Testing 

Whether you’ve had an unfortunate encounter or are starting a new relationship and want to talk about being tested for STDs, peace of mind is important. We offer a range of confidential and private STD/ STI screens tailored to suit your needs, with some results available immediately and most within 72 hours. We offer both female STI London City & Male STI testing services in our central London location.

All our consultations are discreet and confidential using the most up to date test methods. With many diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, HPV and Chlamydia being asymptomatic it is important to put your mind at ease with a full sexual screen.The list of conditions we can test for include:


Our STI Treatment Services

If testing finds that you have a sexually transmitted disease, then we will offer you treatment and support. The treatment can be performed very quickly and once again the service is completely confidential at all times.

Our Sexual Health Advice Service

Whether you are worried about your sexual health following a recent encounter or would like advice before starting a new sexual relationship, our doctors can help. We can provide you with expert medical advice, and give you guidance about preventing spreading an STD, as well as offering you a supportive listening ear.

If you think you may need sexual health testing or contraception, we can educate you on all the options available and help you to make the right decision.


Broadgate General Practice can also offer contraception advice and help you choose the right method for you – whether that is emergency contraception, condoms and the Pill or another form of contraception.

If you would like more information about protecting yourself against an STD infection, click here. To find out more about the facilities of our sexual health clinic, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 020 7382 0505.

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