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How to talk to your doctor about premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a treatable medical condition and in the same way that you shouldn’t ignore any medical condition that can be treated, you shouldn’t ignore PE either.

Many men are embarrassed to discuss sexual issues with their GPs, but there is no need to be. Doctors deal with these types of issues every day. It’s simply a part of their jobs, and anything said to them during a consultation will be treated in confidence. If you are anxious, just try to bear in mind that the doctor you see will have helped many other men, giving them appropriate advice and treatment.

Getting prepared

Before you go to visit your doctor it’s important to ensure you are fully prepared. This will help you to get the maximum benefit from your consultation.

Making a list of questions for the doctor

Start by making out a list of the questions you should ask: questions like:

  • What is the probable cause of my premature ejaculation problem?
  • What sorts of treatments are available?
  • What is the sort of success rate I can expect from any treatment you prescribe?
  • Should the premature ejaculation treatment you prescribe not work, what other options are open to me?

Be open and honest

If you are not totally open and honest about your PE problem you will jeopardise the success of any treatment prescribed. You must be prepared to talk about:

  • Your health situation at the moment
  • Any medications you are taking
  • Your medical history
  • Your sexual history.

Take an online PEDT test

If you want to get an idea of what causes your premature ejaculation problem you can make use of a PEDT (Premature Ejaculation Diagnosis Tool) test. If you have access to the internet there are several websites that have versions of this tool allowing you to take the test online. You can for example follow this link to:

These types of tests can be a useful part of the pre-appointment preparation process.

Questions you can expect to be asked

In order for any physician to fully understand the problems you have been experiencing, the sort of questions you may be asked will include things like:

  • How long have you been having PE problems?
  • Does ejaculation happen prior to penetration?
  • Once penetration has taken place; how long afterwards do you ejaculate?
  • How much stimulation is necessary to make you ejaculate?
  • Do you have PE with all or just some of your partners?
  • How does PE affect your relationship(s)?

Because talking about their Premature Ejaculation problems is so difficult for many men, choosing the right clinic to attend can play an important role deciding to go ahead and get tested.

Confidentiality and discretion assured at Broadgate’s private walk in Well Man Clinic London Wall

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