Ear Syringing

If you have a build-up of wax in your ears, and your hearing is reduced, the only way of getting rid of it is to have your ears syringed. Initially, you may think it is a painful process. The word “syringing” sends some people into panic mode if they have an aversion to needles. However, rest assured that you can get painless London ear syringing here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall.

Why painless London ear syringing is painless

To clear away phobias about needles, painless London ear syringing is not performed with a standard syringe or needle. It used to be done with a syringe-like tool, but this type of syringe was more akin to the sort of syringe that pastry cooks use to pipe cream.

Today, most surgeries and clinics use a specially designed ear irrigation machine. This machine delivers lukewarm water into the ear under controlled pressure. The procedure is perfectly safe and, unless you have an ear infection – it is totally painless.

If your ears are particularly sensitive, you may squirm when the water is squirted into your ear. This is perfectly normal.

Do not try and remove ear wax yourself

A build-up of wax cannot be removed by sticking things like cotton-buds into your ears – quite the reverse. It can make things worse because you will only push the wax further in. It needs to be removed by a medical professional.

There are some ear wax removal DIY kits on the market. However, here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall, we advice you not to use them.

Whereas an ear irrigation machine delivers water at the right pressure, a manual syringe does not. If you squirt water into your ear with too much pressure and it impacts on the ear drum, it could cause damage.

Preparing for having your ears syringed

Here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall we operate a walk-in service. This might sound great at first because you might be tempted to walk in at the first sign of trouble with your ear. The problem is that in order to remove ear wax, it must first be softened. It is recommended that you apply special ears drops that you can buy at any High Street pharmacy, or olive oil.

The drops or oil should be warmed before being dropped in the ear canal. Putting a small piece of cotton wool into the ear afterwards will prevent the oil from leaking out. This process should be repeated two or three times per day, for three to four days before you go for painless London ear syringing.

Although it is recommended you don’t use our walk-in service for ear syringing before you’ve softened the wax, it’s a good idea to call in for an initial diagnosis. This will rule out any other problems that could be causing the hearing loss.

The convenience of Broadgate GP’s walk-in service

Suffering reduced hearing because of a build-up of ear wax is a constant annoyance. Our walk-in service means that you can start dealing with the problem immediately rather than having to wait days or even weeks to see your GP.