Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is serious viral infection that is transmitted by mosquito bite. If you have not been vaccinated, the resultant disease that develops is serious, extremely debilitating, and can prove fatal. Vaccination programs for travellers from the UK, most mainland European countries, plus North America, have been in place for many years, and as a result there have been no recently reported cases. However, since 1996, a total of six travellers (from Europe and North America) have died from the disease. None of them had been vaccinated.

Yellow Fever is carried by mosquitoes, and monkeys in certain countries

The yellow fever virus is carried by the Aedes egypti mosquito. It can also be carried by monkeys in certain countries. For more information about this, contact the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Yellow Fever Mortality Rate

On average, 8 out of every 100 people who contract yellow fever die as a result. The vaccination is however extremely effective. If you are travelling to one of the high risk countries (which are located mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, South America, and some countries in the Caribbean), getting the vaccination against the disease before you travel is essential.

Don’t take any chances

Please bear in mind that although some areas carry higher risk factors than others, those with lower risk factors might be low risk only because they already have a yellow fever vaccination program in place internally. There is however still a real danger to travellers who have not had a yellow fever vaccination.

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