Wrinkles are an unavoidable side effect of getting older. Years of sunbathing and holding a worried expression on your face will inevitably lead to wrinkles. For some this won’t be a problem, but others will find the change upsetting and a drop in confidence could follow. Losing your confidence can have a knock-on effect on many aspects of your life which in turn could lead to a poorer lifestyle.

Looking in the mirror and not being content with the reflection staring back at you has the potential to start some serious implications. Depending on how negatively the changes are seen will obviously vary from person to person. However, lower confidence will directly impact on the way you do things. At work you may not feel as confident about giving presentations, and it is also possible to become more withdrawn from social situations.

If the signs of aging are becoming problematic, there are solutions that can help. Which one is best for you will come down to personal choice. You could also make an appointment with your GP who will be able to recommend the best treatments.

Anti-ageing creams

These come in many different forms and are made by many different manufacturers offering a varying degree of effects for a varying degree of prices. The encouragement is that many people have seen positive results from some of these creams and they are often used as a first line of defence, against the ageing process.


Botox has been around for many years now and has been used by millions of people world-wide. Although the effects can be relatively short-lived, they can also be dramatic in reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines and furrows.

Chemical Peels

Are sometimes used in conjunction with Botox for an increased effect. These have the same aim as Botox but results are often less dramatic.

Plastic Surgery

This is the permanent solution to the problem. The problem area can be physically re-structured to a patient’s specifications leading to a permanently changed feature or features.

Psychological change

It is always possible that the old figure looking at you through the mirror, is having its “flaws” massively blown out of proportion. It is always important to think carefully about possible life-changing procedures and get as much trusted feedback and advice as possible.

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