The new year is always a good time to assess your health and take steps to improve it for the future. If you are planning to adopt a healthy eating plan or take up exercise, then January is a popular time to start.

Eating well and looking after yourself can help you to avoid health problems later down the line and if you are really serious about taking care of your wellbeing, now is a good time to book a health screening too.

What is a Health Screening?

Health screens are a set of medical tests and examinations that are used to detect any illnesses that you may have. Private medical screenings can catch conditions such as cancer and heart trouble early on, which gives you a better chance of overcoming the problem and quickly getting yourself back to optimum health.

These exams are quick and painless and they truly are worth investing time and money in. Without them, you may not know that you are ill until months or years later when symptoms begin to develop and alert you to the problem – by this stage you may not stand as great a chance of fighting the illness

What does a Medical Screening Involve?

At Broadgate General Practice, we can conduct a full physical examination to gain a picture of your overall health. We will also assess your height, weight and vision and carry out a peak flow test to see if you have lung disease.

We will also find out your resting ECG as well as analysing your cholesterol, kidneys and liver by conducting special investigations and blood tests.

You can choose to add additional tests too, so if you are worried about specific conditions, you can undergo a prostate specific artigen, cervical smear, mammogram or thyroid function test.

These detailed health tests will allow the doctors to draw up a true picture of your wellbeing so that you can take steps towards a healthier future right away. If you are taking your health seriously enough to adopt a new diet and exercise regime, then it really is worth booking yourself in for health screenings too.

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