Mental wellbeing is directly connected to a fulfilling sex life. Equally, physical health is directly connected to good mental health. People who exercise regularly and have a healthy balanced diet are more likely to have healthy sex lives than people who avoid exercise and eat a poor diet.

A Healthy Sex Life 

A healthy sex life is discovered by exploring your desires with a partner, or partners, you trust and enjoy playing with. This requires confidence and a relaxed attitude, character traits that are difficult to maintain if you are feeling stressed ,unwell or mentally drained.

Sex is an excellent method to relieve stress, but the opposite is also true, mental stress can severely impact on your sex life. In order to climax a woman must be relaxed. Feelings of anxiety or worry will prevent her from fully appreciating sex and benefiting from the release of tension orgasms give. In order to enjoy a good sex life you must have techniques and methods to effectively manage stress outside of your sex life. Sex can be an excellent way to become calm but you should have other stress management tools such as meditation, exercise, therapy or some other outlet for the build up of stress. 

Communication with Your Partner

Communication is a key aspect of your sex life. If you are unable to express your desires or discuss your concerns you will not enjoy a good sex life. Repressing your desires can affect your behaviour in other aspects of your life. Having trust in your partner will encourage you to explore both your and their desires and expand your sexual repertoire. The wide variety of proclivities, fantasies, medias, toys and techniques means you will never tire of deepening your sex life. 

Depression and Sexual Vitality

Depressed people experience a lowered libido. Anti-depressant drugs can also reduce libido, so nurturing strong mental health will mean a healthy sex life. Drug abusers are less likely to have sexual virility, despite the ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’ motto. In fact, drug abuse is more likely to induce impotency and an inability to maintain an erection, particularly if mixed with alcohol abuse. 

Ensure Your Healthy Sex Life With Good Mental and Physical Health

To ensure your sex life is the best it can possibly be follow the simple dictums of a consistent exercise regime, a healthy diet and plenty of sleep. Good physical health will also aid good mental health and a good sex life. Physical health is inextricably linked to mental health, so these key foundations will have an enormous impact on your sex life.

The real key to a healthy sex life is self-confidence, whether you are in a long term relationship or single. We experience the greatest confidence when we are relaxed, positive and enjoying our lives. Often the demands of family, work or personal relationships can overwhelm us, creating stress, so it is important to remain conscious of what is creating pressure in your life and addressing it in order to achieve the best possible mental health and fulfilling sex life.

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