Men are often unenthusiastic about visiting a doctor and there are a few reasons for this. Most males find it to be inconvenient, as a general 30-minute check-up can often take much longer due to extended stays in a waiting room. Some may feel anxious and nervous, afraid that a doctor may find some underlying medical condition.

The most common reason that is voiced by males is the fact that they are men and should therefore act like a man and simply deal with it. For some men, visiting a doctor means that they admit to being defected or weak and are thus acting “unmanly”.

Why You Should Get Regular Physical Examinations

By visiting your doctor and getting consistent physical examinations, potential health problems can be prevented right from the start. Your GP may spot a mole that looks suspect and remove it before it can cause skin cancer. If your blood pressure is elevated, your GP could suggest a fitness and diet plan for you to follow. This could lower your blood pressure and ultimately avoid a possible heart attack.

If some time has gone by without you seeing your GP, a physical examination will provide a general baseline for matters, such as your cholesterol, blood pressure and weight. These established baselines can assist your GP in measuring a regression or progression in your general health.

Due to the fact that males don’t visit their GPs on a regular basis, they seldom have a GP with whom they have formed a trusting, professional relationship with. Having a GP you trust will ensure that you receive the best possible care. As people, we are most likely to be open about our issues to someone we know and trust; therefore, a trusted GP will be in a position to obtain all the necessary information required to affect an accurate diagnosis when your health is at stake. A regular GP will know your complete medical history and, therefore, you will not have to relay all this information every time you visit the doctor. Also, if you have a GP that makes you feel comfortable, you may be a bit less reluctant of seeing your doctor when you think your health is at risk.

Don’t Act Manly, Just be a Man

On average, the life expectancy of males is 5 years less than that of females. Although it may seem that men are destined to have an earlier death, a change of diet and lifestyle may lessen the risk thereof.

As a man, you need a GP to conduct regular physical examinations. By the age of 40, you should have had one check-up at least. Between the ages of 40 and 50 you need to have one check-up every three years and, thereafter, one check-up each year. Whether men want to believe it or not, having a regular check-up can potentially nip a health risk in the bud.

If you want to be a man, man up and contact your GP for that all-important physical examination. Your wife will thank you for it.