Positive and effective communication with our peers is a cornerstone of good mental health. When people cannot communicate they often become isolated, lose perspective and rationality and can suffer extreme mental health issues.

A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved

More often than not, if something is weighing on your mind so much that you feel drained, tired, anxious or even disorientated, speaking to someone will immediately make you feel better. Hollywood likes to paint clichés of extremes of mental illness, with people being locked up against their will, but largely people tend to experience a breakdown and commit themselves to asylums in order to recover.

If you do not practice good communication it is likely you will breakdown before you can acknowledge you have a problem. By ensuring you talk to a range of people, both medical professionals, family and friends, about how you are feeling, you will have a solid support network in place and be less likely to suffer from poor mental health.

Talking to family members can be particularly useful as it can enable you to establish if anyone in your family suffers mental illness. You may have a genetic likelihood of mental illness if your parents, siblings or grandparents experienced mental illness, but be conscious that as people were less vocal about mental illness.

Some mental health issues are referred to as genetic when the evidence is debatable, such as with paranoid schizophrenia. Major drug companies benefit from the guaranteed market of patients who are told they have an incurable disease that they must take medication for, for the rest of their lives. A raft of recent studies have shown that it is just as likely that how we are cared for in our infant years can be a determinant of the disease as well.

If you do not feel able to talk to your family or friends your local GP should be able to refer you to a therapist who will be confidential and is qualified to deal with poor mental health.  

Getting Support

If you do not speak to people about how you are feeling then you will not be able to seek out the support you need, whatever your mental ailment, whether it is postnatal depression or paranoid schizophrenia. Mental health has historically been taboo, and is a relatively modern concept, but as stress affects people in myriad ways and is being identified as a major source of ill health, it is becoming more openly spoken about.

There is a wide range of therapies available for different mental health issues and your local GP should either be able to advise you on these or refer you on to a specialist who can help you to resolve your problems and return to a happy healthy life. 

The human brain is a remarkably complex and mysterious organ. We do not understand the majority of its working, but communication appears to consistently arise as a major source of comfort for human beings as we are such highly social creatures.

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