Sexual Health

If you are worrying about when to get an STI test, this article if for you. Having read it through, you will be better informed and hopefully enabled, to make an informed decision.

There is no shortage of facilities for STI testing in London. One of the best is the Broadgate GP walk-in sexual health clinic London Wall. As one of the city’s premier private clinics, speed, discretion and full confidentiality is assured.

Common symptoms of STIs

There are a number of common symptoms that can indicate you may have contracted an STI. These symptoms are often the same for a variety of STIs. They include:

  • Discomfort when urinating
  • An unusual discharge from the penis or the vagina
  • A rash in the genital area
  • An irritation in the genital area
  • Sores or lumps in the genital area or around the anus

If you display any one or more of these symptoms, it is a good indication of when to get an STI test. If you live and/or work in London, there is nowhere better for STI testing in London than Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall.

Many STIs are symptomless

The big worry however, with regard to knowing when to get an STI test, is that many STIs do not present any symptoms. This is extremely worrying because even though you may not have any symptoms, you can still transmit the infection to any sexual partners. In some instances even people you share things like towels with.

Of course there is also the worry that even though you are symptomless, the infection can be advancing. If it remains undetected and unchecked, it can cause serious health problems in a few years time. It could even in some instances prove fatal.

As STIs can be symptomless in as many as 50% of instances, the key to knowing when to get an STI test lies in analysing your own sexual activity. If you have had unprotected sex with a new partner, or even close encounters such as petting, you may have exposed yourself to infection.

Take no chances with knowing when to get an STI test

If you suspect you may have been infected with an STI, and you live and/or work in the city, the wise and safe thing to do is to get checked out. Go for STI screening in London to the walk-in sexual health clinic at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall. We operate clinics for both male STI testing and female STI testing.

Knowing when to get an STI test is really a matter of common-sense, but it is a crucially important matter too. The golden rule is to leave nothing to chance. Get yourself checked-out and be certain.