When do I need a sickness report? What Broadgate Clinic London Wall offer

Broadgate Clinic London Wall is not only one of the foremost private walk-in health clinics in London, we are also one of the top suppliers of occupational health programs too. If your company subscribes to one of these plans, you may from time to time need us to provide a sickness report for your return to work. Alternatively, your employer may commission us to provide a blanket monthly sickness report of total staff absences for that month, complete with reasons, and where known, causes.

The legal need for sickness reports

If you are ill and off work for 7 days or less, your employer should not ordinarily ask you for a sick note. If you’re off-work for longer than 7 days, then your employer has the right to expect you to give them a sick note. The 7 day “benchmark” includes weekends and banks holiday if they fall within the sickness period.

Fit Notes, Sick Notes and Doctor’s Notes

Fit notes, sick notes, or doctor’s notes (they all amount to the same thing) must be issued by a qualified medical practitioner. You would normally obtain one by visiting your GP when you are sick or injured, so that your GP can examine you, and if it is judged that you are not fit for work, sign you-off for a number of days appropriate to your expected recovery time, and issue you with an official sick note.

Broadgate Clinic London Wall – the convenient alternative in the heart of London

For anyone who works in London, there is another option; especially in their GPs are out in the suburbs, or further afield if we’re talking about commuters. This option is to make use of the private GP clinic we here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall operate. It’s available for anyone to use on a walk-in basis.

The fact that our walkin clinic London Wall works on a walk-in basis makes it a very convenient alternative.

Employers’ health and sickness policies

The rules regarding sick notes change from employer to employer dependent on the employer’s sickness and sick pay policy. If your employers have signed up to one of the occupational health programs we operate here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall, they should make you aware of the sickness procedure as part of your employment contract. It’s in these circumstances when our private clinic provides the employers with a regular sickness report.

The many benefits of a Broadgate Clinic London Wall Occupational Health package

There are many benefits to this type of occupational health cover. Firstly, from an employer’s point of view this type of policy offers:

  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Increased company profits
  • Reductions in absences, thereby reducing costs
  • Better staff morale
  • Legal compliance

Most businesses will readily agree that their single most important asset is their workforce. Therefore it makes eminent sense to protect that investment by offering good health care, such as the occupation healthcare packages we offer here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall. Packages can be custom built to suit the needs of individual businesses.

When staff morale is boosted by this type of benefit, in also improves staff loyalty and staff output too.

From an employee’s point of view, any form of paid medical care is a bonus and benefit in real terms.

Getting a sick note from Broadgate Clinic London Wall

If, as an individual working in London, you find yourself in need of an official sick note; providing you visit our private walkin clinic London Wall for a diagnosis, and if necessary, treatment; we can provide you with what you need. Prices start from just £30.