What is cancer screening? – Broadgate Clinic London Wall Explain

Cancer screening is growing in importance as an invaluable tool in the fight against the disease often referred to as the disease of the 21st century. It’s a service that we here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall offer via our walk-in facility in the heart of the City.

Cancer screening is all about looking for the signs of cancer before a person presents with symptoms. The screening process involves finding any abnormal tissue growth (or possibly cancerous growths) at the very early stages, thereby facil;itating early treatment which can significantly improve the prognosis.

Different Types of Cancer Screening Tests

There are a number of different types of screening tests. They include:

  • A physical examination and medical history check. A physical examination is carried out to check for the any external signs of cancer, such as lumps, odd looking moles etc; anything that looks slightly out of the ordinary. It is also usual for the physician carrying out the physical examination to go over the patient’s medical record to review past illnesses and treatments.
  • Blood tests, Urine tests and biopsies are another type of cancer screening test.
  • Photographic type procedures may also be undertaken. These include x-rays and MRI scans
  • Genetic Tests are sometime recommended whereby tests are carried out which check for certain gene mutations that may run in the family and that could lead to cancer.

We here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall carry out all types of cancer screening without prior appointment at our walk-in clinic here in the heart of London.

The Benefits and Risks of Cancer Screening

It is a medical fact that cancer screening saves thousands of lives each and every year. However, screening is not risk, and in order to make an informed decision as to whether to undergo screening, you should be aware of the facts. Screening tests are not 100% perfect. They can miss some signs of cancer, and conversely they can also cause elevated levels of stress by creating false alarms. In some instances (depending on the nature of the screening) tests can cause temporary discomfort, bleeding, and although rare, can result in infections.

Current Cancer Screening Programs in the UK

The UK currently operates 3 national screening programs courtesy of the NHS. These are:

  • Screening for Bowel Cancer
  • Screening for Breast Cancer
  • Screening for Bowel Cancer

If you have already been screened by the NHS and you want another screen carried out; or you are not prepared to wait and you want to be screened urgently, you can call on the walk-in services of Broadgate Clinic London Wall if you live and/or work here in the City.

Why are there No More Types of Cancer Screening?

There are over 200 types of cancer and you may be wondering why the UK currently only screen for three of them. In the first place a screening program needs to have a good test in order to work productively. It must:

  • Identify cancers and/or abnormal changes in tissues that could lead to cancer, reliably
  • Not create too many false alarms thereby creating undue anxiety
  • Be easy and not cause too much discomfort in order to be accepted by the general public
  • Not be harmful to health in any way
  • Be cost-effective

Cancers that are considered to be more rare would not prove to be cost effective in terms of setting up a national screening program. However, if you have any reason to believe you may be in danger from a specific type of cancer, and if you live and/or work here in London, you can call on the health screening service that we here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall offer.

Walk in health screening in London by Broadgate Clinic London Wall

For many people, cancer screening is a way of reassuring themselves that they do not have cancer, or that they are not likely to contract it in the near future. Although it’s not foolproof, for the reasons given above, many people outside of the national cancer screening program nonetheless like to ease their concerns by having a private screening done; and if they happen to work and/or live in the City, the walk-in screening services we offer here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall are a great convenience, and in many cases, a great comfort too.