What Your Address Says About You

Postcode Lottery – Your postcode could be saying A LOT about you…

Have you ever wondered what your postcode could be saying about you? Well, Broadgate General Practice have entered in the postcode lottery and the votes are in! Any votes after this time will not be counted but may still be charged… Broadgate General Practice hope that the answer to ‘what does your postcode say about your sex life?’ is just as interesting to you as it is us. From cities high in the North like Glasgow to South cities including London, we have found out exactly what your postcode says about your sex life. So without further ado, let’s find out!

United Kingdom

UK Postcodes to Watch

We have chosen ten of our most favourite UK cities to watch when it comes to finding out about interesting facts on their sex life. It’s fair to say that there’s a lot to learn about what your postcode could be saying.

1. London

The study on what your city has to say on your sex life shows that 50% of people living in London would quit having sex for £1 million! Wow. There’s also 11% of Londoners who have never had sex too.

2. Bristol

It has now been revealed that Bristol is the city with the least sexual partners for people who live there. On average, people who live in Bristol have an average of just 5 sexual partners. The study also showed that 5% of people who live in Bristol have also had sex in changing rooms.

3. Cardiff

The city of Cardiff has amazed people in this study after we learnt that 10% of people have had sex on public transport and also 2% have had sex at a funeral! Wait, what?

4. Glasgow

9% of people have been reported to last more than an hour under the sheets.

5. Belfast

Heading over to Belfast now, it appears that around 21% of the people living there have had a threesome. The study has also showed that on average, people from Belfast have had 15 sexual partners.

6. Yorkshire

If you were shocked to hear about Cardiff having 2% of its population admit to having sex at a funeral, we would like to warn you in advance for Yorkshire. 6% of people from Yorkshire have admitted to having sex in a cemetery!

7. Nottingham

25% of people living in Nottingham have had sex with just one person.

8. Wales

2 is company, 3 is a crowd? Well let’s go over to Wales now, we have discovered that 10% of the Wales population have had a foursome!

9. East of England

25% of the people living in the East of England have been reported to have had 10 to 19 sexual partners.

10. Norwich

If you live in Norwich then you current live in one of the randiest areas of the UK. Around ⅓ of people from Norwich have admitted to sleeping with between 10 and 19 people.

Help and Advice from Broadgate General Practice

Let’s remember that these numbers are from the people who got asked in the study, but more than anything it shows us what goes on under the sheets in different cities. We hope that you found this study just as interesting as us and it taught you a few things on where to plan your next UK holiday…

Please remember to always use protection when engaging in sexual activity with new or multiple partners to help prevent the risk of carrying any STIs. If you are looking for any advice or services relating to your own sexual health, please remember that our clinic is always a phone call or visit away. We will be there to help provide the right advise or treatment for your needs in a discreet, professional and confidential manner for all clients. Broadgate General Practice is here to offer the right guidance and treatments for all STIs for everyone living in and across London. Get in touch with our doctors today to find out more.