Well Man Clinic London City

With the pace of life being as demanding as it is in the modern world today, especially if you work here in the capital, it pays to keep a check on your health. For today’s modern business man in London, the best way of periodically making sure that everything is in order health-wise, is to avail yourself of the Well Man Clinic Services we provide here in the heart of the city, at Broadgate Clinic London Wall.

Well Man Clinic Services

Well Man Clinic Services were originally conceived for men who had reached their 40th birthday. But with health and well-being taking centre-stage more than any other time before, there’s no reason to have to wait until the magical fortieth birthday arrives before starting to think about your health. In other words Well Man Clinic Services apply to all men of all ages.

Pick’n’mix at Broadgate Clinic London Wall

The “menu” of checks and tests that Well Man Clinic Services encompass, varies from clinic to clinic. Here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall, you can either leave it to our professional doctors to suggest an appropriate blend of checks and tests based on your own individual circumstances and medical/family history, or you can decide on your own mix of checks and tests from a list which includes:

•               Checking your height, weight and BMI

•               Taking your blood pressure

•               Measuring your cholesterol levels

•               A urine test for diabetes and kidney function

•               A hearing check

•               A sight test

•               A lung function test

•               An ECG (Electrocardiogram

•               X-rays (Chest and Bowel)

•               Check on the health of your prostate

Casual walk in Well Man Clinic Services that are thorough and discrete

Although we operate a casual walk-in clinic for the convenience of all of our clients, there’s nothing casual about the Well Man Clinic Services that we offer. We’ll assess your medical history to date and review your lifestyle, discussing things like whether or not you smoke, how much (if any) alcohol your consume each week, what your exercise regime is, etc. The Well Man health screening services we provide, and the Well Man GP consultations we offer, are thorough without being intrusive, thanks to the skilled approach of our team of experienced, discrete doctors and nurses. It’s all part of the advantages of using the top quality private services of a clinic like Broadgate Clinic London Wall.    

5 important health issues to be aware of

There are 5 important health issues that all men need to be aware of, and if you exhibit any one of these, you need to talk to your GP, or us here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall.

•               A lump on one of your testicles

•               The appearance of moles, or a sudden change in their size, shape and/or colour

•               Depression – this can be caused by financial stress, relationship stress, or the loss of a loved one

•               Trouble with urinating – is your stream a strong as it should be? Do you have difficulty in urinating?

•               Erectile dysfunction – most men suffer from erectile dysfunction at some time in their lives. It is treatable

Take advantage of the walk in Well Man Clinic Services at Broadgate Clinic London Wall

If you experience any of the above mentioned conditions, you owe it to yourself to get it checked out. Go and see you own GP, or if you work in London and you find it difficult to schedule a visit, take advantage of the walk in Well Man Clinic Services we offer here in the heart of London at Broadgate Clinic London Wall.