Relax and De-Stress

It is important for your health and well-being to disconnect and give yourself some downtime, at its best disconnecting from the hectic, hustle and bustle of London can facilitate with genuine relaxation and giving you a real connection with the good in your life.

Finding a place of stillness in your busy day will forever seem impossible until you realise it’s simply a matter of priority. Below we’ve listed our top 10 activities which you can do in London to help you switch off and relax.


Maybe you’ve tried to meditate before and it hasn’t really worked out for you? Don’t give up it is worth the effort and may just require a bit more practise and priority. You can even try meditation apps, giving yourself time and space to learn, ask questions, practice and start to feel the benefits could just be the ticket to getting some stillness into your day.


Photography connects you to your surroundings in a way you wouldn’t normally consider. It’s about changing your perception, even taking on someone else’s. One day I will try my commute with a camera, leaving an hour to spare to seek out the nuances and beauty in the everyday to capture and cherish.


Reiki is a healing technique recognised for promoting relaxation, detoxification and overall balance between body, mind and soul. The practice originates from Japan and centres around chakras. A reiki practitioner can help recalibrate energy flows by hovering their hands over you, or a gentle touch. All you have to do is close your eyes and lie still.

Work your Fascia

We hold tension in our connective tissues; your tendons, ligaments and fascia. Stress can be released and relaxed by techniques such as yin yoga or Moving Stretch. Yin yoga is passive and slow, with positions held for several minutes to relax the lower back, hips and inner thigh. Don’t expect a work out but do get ready to release tensions in places that you never knew could hold them.

Art and Drama

Art and drama isn’t just to see at a gallery or watch on stage, don’t ignore the power of fictional self-expression for relaxation. A weekly session of learning, observing and sharing provides an excellent space to disconnect, even for those, like me who have found art and drama less than relaxing in the past.

Transformational Breath

There is a two way relationship between our breathing patterns and our experiences in life. Each affects the other, the good news is that becoming aware of the affects, we can bring ourselves back to breathing, and as a result better experiences. Lying on a mattresses on the floor, alongside deep belly breathing, we were guided through acupressure, mantras and other exercises to unwind years of restrained breathing, a therapeutic and emotional experience.

We have a choice on how we use our time and each have the ability and responsibility to be the best versions of ourselves in which we can be.