Located in the heart of the City of London we can offer some fantastic services including our travel clinic. We have a wide range of vaccinations on-site and can offer the convenience of immediate consultations. Some of the benefits of taking advantage of our services include:

An individual assessment based on your itinerary:- We have experts in travel health advice and ensure we remain right up to date with the latest warnings and advice from around the world. Wherever your destination may be, we will ensure you travel with the appropriate protection.

Registered Yellow Fever vaccination centre:- Sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America are areas where Yellow Fever is prevalent. Not all medical centres can offer this vaccination which is vital if you will be visiting these areas.

Expert Malaria Advice:- We can impart our knowledge of the causes, symptoms and best ways to prevent contracting Malaria. We are confident you will agree that prevention is better than cure and arming yourself with the knowledge we can offer you will stand you in good stead in areas where Malaria is prevalent.

Immediate Vaccinations:- We can offer the convenience of immediate vaccinations. It is important to note that many vaccinations need to be taken well in advance of your travel date. Our service cuts out unnecessary delay in preparing for your trip.

Proof of vaccination and other medical certificates provided:- Some country’s will demand proof of vaccination in order to grant entry. Our service includes this certification to ensure you can travel hassle free.

Up-to-date information on world-wide health risks:-   If you have any questions about any of your intended destinations, you can be assured that any advice you receive from us will be relevant and up-to-date.

Specialists in work related travel:- We can offer expert advice for your next business trip. Regardless of the destination, you will be given sound advice which is relevant and up-to-date.

Prices start at £30 which ensures you are getting value for money to go with a highly professional and expert service. We will also ensure that there is a fast turnaround on any results you may require. Our travel clinic will ensure you will be given in-depth travel advice to provide peace of mind when planning your next trip.