Travel Vaccinations for Thailand

If you will be travelling to Thailand for a holiday or for business, then it is recommended that you should check whether or not you need to have any vaccinations or boosters. You can use the walk in travel clinic here at Broadgate GP London to have a consultation with one of our specialist travel doctors or to have any travel vaccines administered that you might need.

Thailand is now one of the most visited countries in Asia with over 16 million visitors every year. Some Thailand travel vaccines can be administered the same day and others will need up to 8 weeks to take affect.

Whilst having vaccines for Thailand isn’t obligatory ,(except with regard to Yellow Fever, depending on the countries you have visited recently), it’s always recommended to ensure you’re fully vaccinated against all of the potential diseases you might be at risk at contracting from Thailand.

What Travel Vaccinations Do I Need For Thailand?

There are a number of diseases which you will ideally need to be vaccinated against when travelling to Thailand. These might require booster injections or full vaccines for Thailand. These include:

The Thailand travel injections you’ll need will depend on three main things including:

  • Where you’ll be travelling to in Thailand
  • How long you’ll be staying
  • What you will be doing in the country

For example there are over 10 million stray dogs roaming the streets. This means the longer you stay the greater risk of you being potentially bitten by a rabid dog. To ensure you’re fully protected it’s advised to have vaccines for Thailand up to 6-8 weeks before you travel.

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Yellow Fever Vaccine for Thailand

With regard to Yellow Fever, the Thai authorities require that anyone over the age of 1, who has either arrived from a country with risk of the disease or who has transited through the airport of countries at risk. The person must present a vaccination certificate, or in the case of a minor, must have one presented on their behalf.

Risk of Malaria in Thailand

Thailand carries a risk of Malaria. This is mainly in forested and hilly areas primarily towards its international borders. This risk is all year round. There is little to no risk in the cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pattay, Phuket, the islands of Ko Samui, Ko Chang and the River Quai bridge area. There is no effective vaccination against Malaria, so it is important that you take bite preventative measures, and that you take anti-malarial tablets before you travel.

Risk of Dengue Fever in Thailand

Dengue Fever is another disease that is carried by mosquitoes in parts of Thailand. If you are travelling to areas of high risk you should take similar precautions to that of malaria to avoid being bitten by disease carrying mosquitoes. The mosquito that carries the Dengue Fever virus bites during the day and is more common in urban areas. The symptoms of Dengue Fever include fever, headache, severe joint, bone and muscular pain – hence its other name ‘break-bone fever’. As with Malaria, there are no travel vaccines. Prevention is best achieved through avoidance of mosquito bites.

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Visit Broadgate GP for Travel Vaccinations for Thailand

If you’re based in the London area and are in need of travel vaccinations for Thailand, then be sure to visit Broadgate GP. We offer all the appropriate vaccines you’ll need for travelling to abroad. It’s easy to visit us simply book an appointment or visit us as walk-in patient.

Thailand Travel Vaccinations