If you are going to be travelling abroad you may need to have a typhoid vaccination. The countries where you will be at most risk of contracting the disease are those in parts of Africa, South America, South East Asia, and the Indian sub-continent. If you work in London, you can use the walk-in travel clinic service that we here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall provide. No appointment is necessary, making it the ideal choice for busy executives.

What causes typhoid?

Typhoid is caused by consuming food and drinks that have been contaminated through contact with infected human faeces or urine. The disease is found in many countries around the world, particularly those whose levels of sanitation are suspect. Contaminated local water supplies in certain countries are prime causes of typhoid. Eating unwashed fruit and vegetables can put you at risk, as can any food that has not been hygienically prepared.

The types of Typhoid bacteria

The bacteria responsible for causing Typhoid are the Salmonella Typhi bacterium, and the Salmonella Paratyphi A, B, or C bacterium. The Salmonella Typhi bacterium cause more severe illness than the Paratyphi strains. As the name suggests, these bacteria are related to the Salmonella bacterium that cause common or garden food poisoning. Whereas with food poisoning the bacteria are contained in the gut, with typhoid, the bacteria are able to migrate to other parts of the body where they adversely affect body organs.

Typhoid vaccine delivery systems

There are two different ways of delivering the typhoid vaccine. One is delivered orally, and the other is delivered via injection.

The orally delivered typhoid vaccine

The oral version entails taking three tablets, one every other day. To offer best protection, you should take the final tablet at least one week before the date you were due to travel. There are certain medications, including some antibiotics and some malaria medications that can interfere with this form of typhoid vaccine. You should therefore check with either your doctor or one of the nurses or doctors here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall if you elect to use our walk-in travel clinic service. The orally delivered version of the typhoid vaccine offers protection for up to 3 years.

The injected version of the typhoid vaccine

When you opt for the injected version of the typhoid vaccine, you only need one dose and it should be administered a minimum of two weeks before you are due to travel. If time permits have it administered four weeks before. The injected version of the typhoid vaccine only offers protection for up to one year.

The wide range of travel vaccines provided by Broadgate Clinic London Wall

Broadgate clinic London Wall offers a comprehensive range of travel vaccines any of which can be administered via the walk-in services of our travel clinic. It’s the ideal solution for busy London executives. We also supply official vaccination certificates which you may need to present when you arrive in the country of your destination.