Travelling overseas? Here’s how to get the vaccinations that you need…


Are you going overseas for the summer? At Broadgate GP we can provide the information and the advice, everything you need to know.

At Broadgate GP we provide a private travel clinic in London, our travel clinic offers a range of services including health checks, advice and vaccinations. Whether it’s your first holiday abroad or you’re travelling to a particular country, it’s essential that you seek medical advice.

Our trained doctor can offer you all the necessary information and medication required to travel to countries around the world. The service we offer is designed to help reduce the risk of you falling ill, so you can enjoy your holiday or business trip. All of our services are carried out by fully trained and experienced travel doctors.
At Broadgate GP our travel clinic offers…

  • Expert Advice
  • Travel Consultations
  • Prevention Medication
  • Return Check-ups
  • Vaccinations


Things to consider before travelling abroad

Ensure that your vaccines are within the required time frame
If you’re travelling abroad, some vaccinations can be taken 1 day before travelling whilst some may need to be taken months before travelling. Ask Broadgate GP, our professionals are able to provide you with the correct information.

Vaccines for travelling
It’s important that you’re in good health when having them and we’ll advise on the necessary vaccines that you’re going to need.

Travel documentation
You’ll be given new documentation for travelling and if you’ve recently travelled abroad please bring your old documentation and it will help us to understand what vaccines are required.

Take notice of travel advice
Make notes or take a leaflet and remember the travel advice your given regarding diseases that can’t be prevented.

Return check-ups
If you’ve recently been abroad then make sure you pop into the travel clinic for a return check-up to ensure you’re in good health.



  • Unclean water carried many diseases so make sure you stay health with clean water.
  • Biting insects spread diseases, make sure you have insect repellents to reduce the risk.
  • Don’t get caught out – carry a medical kit, sterile kit and travel diarrhoea treatment.


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