Vaccinations for South America

If you will be travelling to South America, you may need to be vaccinated against certain diseases. The diseases that you should be vaccinated against will vary depending on which particular country you are travelling to, and in some instances, how long you will be in that country, and what you will be doing while you are there.

All things may have an impact on the travel vaccinations that you might need. If you live and/or work in London, why not opt to have your South America vaccines administered by Broadgate Clinic London. You can make an appointment if you wish to do so, although it is not strictly necessary as we also offer a walk-in service.

South America Vaccinations

If you will be travelling to South America, you will potentially need 2-3 vaccinations, a minimum of 2 weeks before your due departure date. The three potential vaccinations cover:

  • Diphtheria and Tetanus (combined)
  • Hepatitis A and Typhoid (combined)
  • Yellow Fever (if prevalent in the country or countries you are travelling to)

Yellow Fever is not as widespread as the other diseases. You may not need the vaccination if you are only travelling to one South American country; but if your trip takes in more than one South American country, it is likely that the vaccination will be necessary.

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Other South America Vaccines To Consider

In certain circumstances, you may need other vaccinations. These circumstances include:

  • If you will be visiting poorer countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador or Peru)
  • If your visit will involve you going “off the beaten track”
  • If your visit will involve you undertaking voluntary work such as in hospices or orphanages

The fact of the matter is that the so-called “poorer countries” may have less developed medical infrastructures. This can mean you could be exposed to an increased risk if you contract a Hepatitis B infection and appropriate medical help is not readily available, or there may be no Rabies Immune Globulin available if you should need it because you have not been previously vaccinated, and you are bitten by a rabid animal.

When Will I Need Travel Vaccinations for South America?

You need to research your risk carefully, because if you do need or decide to have some vaccinations, you may need them administered earlier then 2 weeks before you are due to travel. The Rabies vaccine should be administered a minimum of three weeks before you travel, and Hepatitis B, ideally 5 weeks before you travel.

Vaccinations for South America by Country

These are some of the most popular countries in South America that people visit. For all of these countries it is recommend that you have South America vaccinations such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rabies and Typhoid. Depending on the region you are travelling to you might also require a Yellow Fever injection and certificate.


Here at Broadgate GP, we also recommended you check the status of your diphtheria, polio and tetanus immunisation before travelling to South America. In addition to offering immediate South America vaccinations, our clinic also provides immunisation certificates by way of offering proof to local authorities in the countries of destination, that you have been fully immunised.

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Getting South America Travel Vaccines at Broadgate GP London

If you live and/or work here in London, for comprehensive advice on vaccinations for travel to South America, and also to have the vaccinations administered, you can use the walk-in travel clinic here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall.

We can also advise you on preventative measures against Malaria and Dengue Fever, and mosquito bite prevention in general. Our travel clinic can provide appropriate expert advice, and offer you malaria protection tablets to help to ward off infection. You will not however have total immunity.

International travel doesn’t need to be marred by uncertainty and disease; simply visit London based Broadgate GP and get the information you need ahead of time. Wherever you’re traveling to, our competitive rates and travel expertise will help to ensure that you’re protected from before you leave until you’re safely home. We are a NaTHNaC registered Yellow Fever Centre.

Vaccinations for South America