Travel Vaccinations for Egypt

If you are planning a trip to Egypt, whether for business or pleasure, you will need to make sure that your vaccinations are up to date. Whatever injections you may need, if you live and/or work in the city of London, you can use the convenient walk-in travel clinic that we operate here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall.

Vaccines Needed For Egypt

If you will be travelling to Egypt in the near future, here is a list of the injections or vaccination you will need to consider having:

Egypt is not classed as a country where you can contract Malaria.

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The Risk of Rabies

Egypt has a large number of stray dogs roaming about, and most cases of rabies that get reported are the result of dog bites. Although post-bite rabies treatment can be effective if administered straight away, it is not available all over the country, so depending on what part of Egypt you are visiting, you may be best advised to have a rabies vaccination prior to departure.

Risk of Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is an endemic disease in Egypt. It is caused by eating and drinking contaminated food and water. Whereas most the local inhabitants have usually developed an immunity from childhood, visitors are prone to catch it, so it is a safe precaution to ensure you get vaccinated.

Yellow Fever Certification

If you have transited for more than 12 hours through a country where yellow fever is endemic, you will need to be able to show the Egyptian authorities a current yellow fever certificate before being allowed into the country.

Traveller’s Diarrhoea

The most frequently reported illness from people visiting Egypt is Traveller’s Diarrhoea. It pays to be prepared and this can easily be achieved by buying an antibiotic treatment such as Azithromycin, and taking this with you in case you are one of the unlucky ones.

When Do I Need Vaccines for Egypt?

For complete advice on all issues, risks and the vaccines you should be given, call in to one of the many travel clinics that can be found here in the UK. It is best to do this a minimum of 6/8 weeks before you are due to travel to ensure you allow enough time for any necessary vaccinations you are given to take effect and offer full immunity.

Things To Remember When Travelling To Egypt

  • You should be well when you have your travel vaccines. If you are unsure or suffer with any symptoms suggesting illness, then please call us before your consultation.
  • Travel Vaccination documents – if you have had previous travel vaccinations please bring the relevant documentation to your appointment, this will help us ensure you are fully protected during your travels.
  • We recommend vaccines be given 1 week to 3 months prior to traveling (depending on the vaccine). This will allow your body sufficient time to build the necessary antibodies to protect you. Some vaccines and boosters can be given 1 day before you depart. Please contact us if you are unsure or need more information.

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Choose Broadgate GP for Egypt Vaccines

Here at Broadgate Travel Clinic London City we can also advise you about diseases for which there are no travel vaccines, such as malaria. We can provide appropriate expert advice, and offer you malaria protection tablets to help to ward off infection. You will not however have total immunity.

International travel doesn’t need to be marred by uncertainty and disease; simply visit the Broadgate Travel Immunisation Clinic and get the information you need ahead of time. Wherever you’re traveling to, our competitive rates and travel expertise will help to ensure that you’re protected from before you leave until you’re safely home. We are a NaTHNaC registered Yellow Fever Centre.

Broadgate’s travel clinic is your essential vaccination guide for traveling abroad, whereby you can rest assured that our travel vaccinations advice supports safe globetrotting.

Travel Vaccinations for Egypt