Medical Document Translation

If you’ve recently moved to London and you’re not originally from the UK then there’s a good chance your medical documents will need translating. Accessing your previous medical history is necessary to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Without your previous medical history being translated it could lead to previous diagnosis’s being missed or ongoing treatment stopped. By having your medical records translated we’ll have access to all of your medical history.

This information will mean you can continue to receive treatment for any long term medical conditions and it will also allow us to finish any ongoing medical investigations. Many of our new patients require medical translations and this is something we can help to arrange for them.

Types of Medical Information

There are many different types of medical information that might require translation not just your medical notes. Over the years we have had numerous pieces of information translated, allowing us to provide the best all round care for our patients. Some of the most common pieces of medical information to have translated are:

  • Patient History
  • Previous Prescriptions
  • Consent Forms
  • Previous Intake Information
  • Test Results
  • Health Evaluations

No matter what type of medical translation you might require, we can point you in the right direction. It’s important to remember that translations need to be carried out by a trained professional not just an online service, to ensure all information is translated accurately.

Popular Languages

London is a hive of activity and it has a wide diversity of people living here. This means that medical translations are required now more than ever. The ongoing treatment of long term illnesses supersedes anything else and this can only continue if your medical information is translated correctly. Some of the languages that regularly require translating are:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese/Mandarin

Translations For Doctors

It’s not just patient information that requires translating but important medical information too. Many contracts and medical trials are carried out in countries around the globe and not all information is readily available in English. This means that doctors and medical centres throughout the country require medical translations for their own needs as well.

Importance of Accurate Translations

Ever heard the term lost in translation? There’s nothing worse then when something is miscommunicated or missed altogether. Ensuring all information is translated correctly is of the upmost importance. With an incorrect translation you could receive the wrong treatment or important information might be missed. Whilst there are many readily available online translation services, many can’t differentiate between the type of nouns; for example Germany uses masculine, feminine and neuter nouns. Looking for a reliable UK translator will ensure that all information relating to your medical history is translated correctly.