Every January swathes of people make unrealistic New Year resolutions. Often these relate to various aspects of their health. Here are a few simple and effective techniques that can help you to stay healthy in 2014. 

You Are What You Eat

It is a cliché nowadays, but you are what you eat. If you eat processed meat and saturated fats you will feel sluggish and tired. If you eat the government recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day you will feel more full of energy and more positive about life generally. If you manage to exceed this recommendation imagine how spectacular you will feel. If you replace biscuits and snacks between meals with a piece of fruit and ensure you have a portion of vegetables with each meal you will reap the rewards, Keeping an eye on your sugar intake is also highly recommended to aid concentration levels and dental health.  


Going hand in hand with a healthy diet is a strong and consistent exercise regime. Try to get your heart pounding and work up a sweat for at least half an hour three times a week and your sleep will be dramatically improved, you will experience less stress and your immune system will operate better,.

Pursue a Balanced Lifestyle

We all enjoy indulging ourselves every now and again, but the key to good health is a balanced lifestyle. Nothing is good for us if it is in excess, even exercise. Try to stay aware of the various activities you engage in at work and monitor if you are over-working, smoking heavily, drinking heavily or indulging in any activity in abundance. Minor indulgences are fine, but avoid pendulum swings between over indulgence or abstinence. Day to day, try to avoid swinging between extremes, and you will notice you feel more stable. If you know you have a stressful period at work coming up ensure you build in time to de-stress with meditation, yoga or perhaps a massage.

Avoid Stress

Increasingly medical professionals are finding that stress hormones have a detrimental effect on the immune system and general health. While we all encounter stress, it can be useful to monitor your reaction to it and how you manage it. If you struggle with it, educate yourself on various techniques of stress management.

Consider Your Mental Health

Everyone has mental health, yet it is something we only consider if we have a problem. Often our physical wellbeing is a reflection of our mental health. Activities such as yoga or regular exercise promote good mental health.  

Wash Your Hands

The common cold is a bane of every Brit’s life and seemingly unavoidable if you must take public transport or work in a large communal office. Protect yourself by maintaining a healthy balanced diet with plenty of vitamin C in it, and washing your hands regularly. 

By following these relatively simple steps you can ensure your good health throughout 2014 and achieve more. 

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