Some people do not have the option of whether they work outdoors or indoors, simply because their job does not allow such choice. Many are, therefore, stuck inside an office behind a desk, five days a week, eight hours a day.

Even though you may love your office job, the fact remains that you are not in a position to move around freely or whenever you want. Do not despair, there are a few top tips that you as an office worker can apply to ensure you stay healthy and fit, and not give into the temptation of taking a nap at 3pm somewhere in a broom closet.


Every morning when you wake up, you can do some exercises to get your blood pumping. You will have an elevated energy level and this will assist you in getting through your working day easily. Alternatively, you could use your lunch breaks to have a brisk walk. If your lunch break is limited, just go outside and eat a healthy, home-made lunch out in the fresh air.

Make a point of leaving your desk at least once every 45 minutes. Stretch your legs and just walk around the office for a while. Have a drink of water or visit the restroom, as long as you move around. You will feel refreshed and ultimately be more positive for the remainder of your working day.

If possible, ride a bicycle to work. Even if you only do it once every week. An even better alternative to driving a vehicle is walking or jogging to work. This is great exercise if your home is located close to your place of work.

If you hate the idea of exercising in the morning before work, you could try to plan a workout session with a personal trainer during your lunch break. As an alternative, you could schedule a session for directly after work. In this way you can get rid of some work stress and feel calm and relaxed at home.

Take the Stairs

If your office is situated in a multi-story building, do not take the lift – take the stairs. Using the stairs will give you an amazing cardio workout, which is beneficial in strengthening your legs. It will be even better if there are shower facilities at your workplace, as you can do this a couple of times before work and then have a shower; all before the start of your working hours.

If you are afraid that you may become a bit sweaty, you can go do this ritual every day before leaving the office to go home. Go down the stairs and then up again. Try to make it a challenge and see how many times you can manage this. Go chat to people, rather than email – unless you don’t really want to talk to them.

Never Skip Breakfast

Never skip your breakfast. Although some people say they cannot eat in the morning, enjoying a healthy, nutritious breakfast will give you an added bit of energy to get through your working day. It is also important to limit your intake of coffee. Limit your caffeine consumption at the office to three cups a day. If you want to double check that your diet is healthy, a visit to your GP will help to put your mind at ease.