You might be in need of a visit to an Emergency General Practitioner. You may not want to wait, or may be in a real emergency and want to book a visitation as soon as possible. There is no need to panic. You can find a general practitioner to tend to your illness or injury fairly quickly.

Follow our tips on how to get access to an Emergency GP quickly. The advice will also help you to learn how to avoid lines, delays and rush hours, when you want to book a visitation fast.

How to Access an Out-of-Hours Service

The out-of-hours period includes evenings from 6.30pm to 8.00pm on weekdays and all day at weekends and bank holidays. For non-immediate emergencies, you can call the National Health Service Direct on 0845 4647. They can provide you with medical advice, as well as information on the best local service. They also can provide you with the first immediate care – a telephone consultation to assess the nature and level of your emergency. More importantly, you can get access to this service at any hour, on all seven days of the week.

The types of out-of-hours emergency care include – GPs working in A&E departments and MIUs (minor injuries units), healthcare professionals working in primary healthcare centres and making home visits, as well as ambulance services.

The NHS walk-in centre and MIU may address minor injuries or illnesses, such as rashes, cuts and bruises. You don’t need to be registered or make an appointment; just show up at the local service.

Emergency Within GP Surgery Hours

If your emergency is within GP surgery hours and you want to get an appointment on that day, don’t phone up, just turn up. There are usually two receptionists, one dealing with setting appointments on the phone and the other with the people who turn up in person. As there is only a short cue, you might be able to get in. If your situation is not as urgent, try and show up on a Tuesday or Thursday, which excludes midweek, weekend and after-weekend panics.

If you are not in a desperate emergency, you can call after the mid morning rush, which usually ends after 10:30. This way you can get an appointment and your test results faster.

Find an Emergency GP in Your Area

You can very easily find an Emergency General Practitioner in your area by going to the National Health Service website. Here you can simply search by typing what kind of illness or injury or problem you might be facing, as well as your location, by postcode or town. If you need urgent care, you can be addressed by the website to the nearest urgent care in your area or browse all possible locations.

You can either register to a GP practice near your area, or just turn up. You might want to register or go to a GP service near your area, but you should also consider other criteria, such as their opening times and their performance. You can also make sure to compare the local services in your area, in order to make the right choice.