Stress Awareness Month

Top tips for a stress free day can not only reduce the amount of stress and pressure you are under, but they can also help to improve your health and well being. Stress is one of the major factors in making people unwell. It can increase the risk of:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gastrointestinal aliments
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Psoriasis

This list is by no means complete, so following our top tips for a stress free day can grant you a healthier existence.

Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall’s top tips for a stress free day

Here are a few top tips for a stress free day from Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall.

Learning to recognise when you are being stressed-out

Understanding what it is that puts you under stress can help you to avoid such situations in the future. It’s the first step on the road to minimising stress.

Teach yourself how to relax

In our fast, modern world, people often miss-out on including relation time in their busy schedules. Relaxation is vital for both mind and body. It can help you to combat the negative effects that stress brings about.

Manage your time

Good time management will allow you to budget time-wise for the amount of work that you take on. It can also benefit you by getting rid of the uncertainty of not having enough time to do things – a stress factor in itself.

Lessen the demands on yourself

Another of our top tips for a stress-free day is to lessen the demands that you put on yourself. Learn how to say “no,” and build yourself time into your day for unexpected problems.

Make sure you get some fun out of life

When you are planning-out your day, make sure to provide some time for the things that you enjoy doing. This will give you something to look forward. It’s the old “light at the end of the tunnel syndrome,” in action.

Think positive

Negative thoughts are self-destructive. Never dwell on failure, or if you do, look to gain something positive out of the experience. Spend more time thinking about the positive things you’ve achieved.

Be more assertive

Another of our top tips for a stress-free day is to be more assertive. Done in the right way, (without aggression) it will help you to minimise stress by only taking on what you feel you can cope with.

Look to your own physical well-being

You will find it easier to cope with stress when you body is healthy. Poor health is actually another factor in-itself that creates stress. Make sure to incorporate periods of physical exercise into your schedule. Eat and drink healthily and avoid drug and alcohol abuse. You also need to ensure that you get sufficient sleep.

Get support

Don’t try to go-it alone. The old saying that “a problem shared is a problem halved,” holds a lot of truth.

More top tips for a stress free day from Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall

If you live and/or work in London and you are having problems with stress, you can make use of the walk-in psychological support services that we provide here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall. A consultation with one of our skilled doctors can have enormous benefits, helping to create your own individual stress treatment plan.

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