Visiting A Doctor

The top reasons why people go to a GP here in the UK are often trivial, and the appointments unnecessary. Information collected in a survey and published in the Telegraph newspaper 4-years ago has changed little. It showed that 51.4 million GP appointments were for minor ailments and injuries, many of which could and should have been self-treated at home.

GPs and the NHS as a whole are at breaking point

At a time when the NHS is badly stretched to breaking point, these unnecessary appointments are exerting an enormous amount of pressure which is extending appointment times with severe delays. The result is that many people are having to revert to visiting their local hospital A&E departments to get necessary, urgent treatment.

If the top reasons why people go to a GP could be re-rationalised, it would mean that many elderly and ill people with genuine needs could be seen by their GPs more quickly.

Current top reasons why people go to a GP

Some of these current top reasons why people go to a GP are almost laughable.

  • 5.2 million people per annum go to see their GP with blocked noses
  • 40,000 people per annum visit their GPs because they have dandruff
  • 20,000 people per annum go to see their GPs for travel sickness
  • Many people visit their GPs for colds, period pains, and minor cuts

No one is of course suggesting that if you feel seriously ill you shouldn’t see your GP – just the opposite. It’s more a case of educating some members of the general public in terms of self-help at home.

Walk-in consultations from Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall

Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall offers walk-in clinical facilities to anyone and everyone, regardless of what patients think is wrong with them, or what is actually wrong with them.

Here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall we offer a comprehensive range of health screening, so whatever the problem, we can diagnose you, and if necessary, treat you.

Of course Broadgate GP Clinic is a private clinic, but the fees, which start at £30, are very affordable. The advantage of course is that there is no long waiting list. Patients who walk-in off the street are seen on a first come, first see basis. It’s ideal if you live and/or work in London.

Of course, if you prefer you can phone ahead and make an appointment, and if you wish to do so, the number to call is 020 7638 4330.