Tiredness can result due to many issues, the most common one which is the failure to get enough sleep. Most of us face much tiredness often, as we tend to overweigh the importance of our work to the number of hours we should sleep. You will, therefore, find that most people tend to sleep for less than seven hours daily not knowing that this not only makes you feel tired and rundown, but the tiredness can result in a worse impact on the overall health. Ever asked yourself what can happen if you fail to get enough sleep and get rid of your tiredness? If so, or not, you should know that several problems can result if you fail to get enough rest and below is a summary of the significant of them.

1. More Sick Days

Feeling run down due to lack of enough sleep reduces your immunity. The immune system is designed to protect you against diseases such as cold and flu, which means that an interruption with its functioning leads to more sick days. Besides, tiredness suppresses the immune system function and your ability to fight illnesses. Therefore, if you fail to rest, you will raise the chances of you getting sick.

2. Increased Chances of Getting a Heart Disease

Inability to get enough sleep intensifies your chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease. Poor sleep raises your chances of suffering from arteriosclerosis, heart failure, high blood pressure, and a potential heart attack. This is because poor sleep leads to increased amount of c-reactive protein which results in inflammation which affects your body’s responsiveness to injury, putting more strain on your heart.

3. Mental Illness

Failure to get enough sleep can also lead to physical and psychological problems. You may wonder this happens. Note that the number of hours you sleep determines your mood. Failure to get enough sleep makes you more vulnerable to getting more irritable, and moody. On the other hand, sleeping helps you to give time for your brain to process all new information given to you. Hence, when faced with stressful situations, relaxing helps you in the recovery from such circumstances. Therefore, this means that failure to get enough sleep makes you get depressed and anxious which in the long term can result in psychiatric disorders.

4.Decreased Fertility

Failure to get enough rest affects fertility both in men and women as sleep has a link with fertility-related hormones. In women, for instance, lack of enough sleep makes it difficult to conceive. This is because failure to rest affects the release of the luteinizing hormone which triggers ovulation and hence the menstrual cycle. In men, on the other hand, failure to get enough sleep interferes with the hormone responsible for sperm maturation.

5. Decreased Sex Drive

Lack of enough sleep kills a man’s sex drive. This is because poor sleep patterns reduce testosterone hormone which causes reduced libido and poor reproduction. Besides, lack of sufficient oxygen flow as a result of sleep apnoea leads to fatigue and lowered energy levels due to the failure to build enough strength through bone density and muscle mass.

6. Difficulty Losing Weight

Depriving yourself of enough sleep causes you to gain more weight as a result of hormonal imbalances. Research proves that sleep has a direct connection to weight management. Those who sleep for less than seven hours a day accumulate more weight than those who sleep for seven hours or more. This is because sleep duration affects those hormones that regulate hunger and fullness, i.e., ghrelin and leptin. Failure to get enough rest makes you produce higher amounts of ghrelin thereby making you feel hungry often. On the other hand, the production of leptin reduces making you tend to be on an empty stomach frequently. As a result, sleep-deprived persons prefer high-calorie foods and larger portions of food which makes them gain weight.

7. Higher Risks of Suffering From Diabetes

Sleep deprivation, tiredness and insulin resistance are directly linked, which is why failure to get enough sleep or rest increases your chances of suffering from diabetes. When you feel tired, you will want to eat more and more as you will want to get more energy. As a result, your consumption of carbohydrates and sugars increase which can increase your resistance to insulin.

It is no doubt that sufficient sleep is crucial, not only to relieve your tiredness but also to avoid the complications that result from extended periods of feeling tired. So, if you are one of the persons who view sleeping as a waste of time, change this misconception as you can see that sleep is essential for your overall physical and mental well-being.

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