Tummy Fat

These tips to keep your tummy fat under control will not only help you to look good; they will also help to keep you fit and healthy.

If you have too much padding around your tummy, as well as looking somewhat unsightly, it puts pressure on your stomach. This could result in indigestion and heartburn. Losing that tummy fat could also help you to see the back of these unpleasant conditions.

The dangers of tummy fat

Tummy fat is one of the more dangerous places to accumulate fat, according to this article in USA today.

The problem is that it is not just the visible tummy fat that you can see in those unpleasant looking extra folds around your middle, that are the tell-tale signs of subcutaneous fat. Just below the surface of your skin is the visceral fat that you can’t see. This fat is located deep in the abdomen and surrounds your internal organs.

Tummy fat can increase your risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Follow our tips to keep your tummy fat under control

Follow our tips to keep your tummy fat under control shown below, and you can banish both the visible and invisible fat.

Minimise the amount of sugar you eat and drink

The first of our tips to keep your tummy fat under control is to eat and drink less sugar. Sugar is made-up of both glucose and fructose. The glucose provides energy, so you can work this off. However, fructose doesn’t – unless you consume it in huge quantities. In essence fructose is converted by your liver into fat.

Refined sugar is the worst, and sugary drinks are major culprits too.

Minimise the amount of sugar in your diet, and knock out sugar beverages altogether if you can. You can however eat plenty of fruits. The amount of fructose that fruits contain is nowhere near the levels found in refined sugar.

Eat more protein

The next of our tips to keep your tummy fat under control is to eat more protein. Protein has been proven to lower food cravings by as much as 60%. It can also boost your metabolic rate, helping you to burn fat.

If you are aiming to lose weight, eating more protein is key. By staying with eating more protein, even when you abandon your weight loss goals, you can still minimise weight gain.

It has also been shown that protein can help to combat belly fat. It is most effective when proteins account for between 25% and 30% of your total daily calorie intake.

Reduce the amount of carbohydrates you consume

It is well-known that cutting-back on carbohydrates is a good way of losing fat and weight. It should also be borne in mind that low carb diets are 2 to 3 times more effective than low fat diets.

As well as targeting that unwanted tummy fat, low carb diets also target fat that has accumulated around your internal organs.

Include more fibre in your diet

Another of our tips to keep your tummy fat under control is to add more fibre to our diet – especially what is known as viscous fibre.

Viscous fibre is fibre that can “bind” water, creating a gel type substance that significantly slows the passage of food through the stomach, making you feel fuller for longer. Studies have shown that 14 grams of fibre per day can result in a 10% reduction in your daily calorie intake.

Fibre is particularly good at reducing the fat found deep in the abdomen around your internal organs.

Start an aerobic exercise regime

The last of our tips to keep your tummy fat under control is to start and maintain a regular aerobic exercise regime. A good exercise regime will help you to control or lose weight. Exercises like rowing and doing “crunchies” will help to build tummy muscle tone. However exercise per-se doesn’t target specific areas in terms of shedding fat.

What aerobic exercise does do is to raise your metabolic rate, and this is the engine that burns fat in general.

Exercise can also help to reduce your stress levels too, so it is beneficial to your general lifestyle, health and well-being.

Take action now

If you live and /or work in London, you can get help and advice about controlling tummy fat from the walk-in well-man and well-woman clinics we operate here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall. Why not commit to losing tummy fat today and drop in to one of our walk-in clinics, or call us on 020 7638 4330.