Sandy Beach

Here are a few tips to help you to de-stress and chill out

Everyone loves Christmas, but it does bring with it a certain amount of stress. For some there is the financial worry of buying Christmas presents and all of the extra food and drinks that most people like to indulge in. For others there is the stress of Christmas shopping, buying and decorating the Christmas tree, and generally getting the house in order – not forgetting writing and posting Christmas cards and preparing and cooking all of the Christmas fare.

In order to make sure that you are in tip-top condition and can get the maximum benefit from Christmas this year, here are a few tips to help you to de-stress and chill out.

Chill out to a little classical music

According to research from Tokyo’s Science University, listening to classical music reduces your levels of stress and anxiety. It’s been scientifically proven to slow down your heart beat which promotes relaxation. It helps you to concentrate on relaxing tired muscles and encourages you to breathe more deeply and evenly.

Enjoy a fragrant Christmas

We’ve all heard about the benefits of aromatherapy. Now’s a good chance to try it out for yourself. According to aromatherapists, our senses of smell are connected to our limbic brains. This is the part of the brain that triggers the release of endorphins, our body’s feel-good chemicals.

Pine for example (which of course includes real Christmas trees) is recommended as being a calming agent. It helps to clear your airways, helping deeper breathing. Sandalwood is perfect for a log fire and creates a warming, cosy atmosphere. Fresh fruits, herbs and wood are believed to be just as effective as essential oils. Why not sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on a tissue and place it behind a radiator, or add to the water in your floating candle bowl?

Start a new exercise regime

Don’t leave it to the New Year to start a new exercise regime – begin now, just before Christmas. The benefits of exercise in terms of helping to reduce stress have been clinically proven. Aerobic exercise in particular is a great stress reliever, as is Pilates for more senior citizens.

Any sort of outdoor activities are beneficial, this includes walking, jogging and cycling. Having fun with the kids is great too; things like ice skating, and tobogganing (if we get any snow of course).

All light forms of exercise increase your heart beat, which helps to exercise your heart and contribute to its health, while at the same time encouraging your brain to move into its “alpha state” when it releases endorphins.  

Check with your GP before embarking on an exercise regime

Don’t forget you should always check with your GP before embarking on any exercise regime. If you live and/or work in London you can take advantage of the walk-in well woman and well man clinics we operate at Broadgate Clinic Londonl.