Finding a quick way to stop a smoking craving is only half the battle. But it’s also a very important half. Broadgate Clinic London Wall has helped many people to permanently give up smoking, or rather our professional, qualified, skilled team of clinicians have. In the end it is down to the person who is trying to quit. What we do well here at our private walkin clinic London Wall, is to provide the support that quitters so desperately need, when they need it most.

There are plenty of “quick fixes” that can help you to get over that sudden urge to light up the next ciggie, and here in this short blog, well go through several of them with you. But it is that underlying urge that has to be kept under control, or at least managed, until the long awaited permanent fix appears, which it will only ever does with the passage of time.

One step at a time

Knowing that you face a long road ahead is the first part of your stopping-smoking goal. It’s crucial to understand these urges because this can help you to manage them. The most important thing to understand is that these urges (although strong when they manifest themselves) actually pass quite quickly; within a matter of a few minutes. Knowing this is an important part of dealing with them. The urge passes; whether you succumb and have a cigarette (obviously not to be recommended), or you chew on a piece of gum, or suck on a mint.

One thought to bolster your reserve. Every small victory in withstanding the urge to light-up, is a battle won in the overall war on smoking. It brings you one-step closer, and makes the next urge that little bit easier to resist.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

If you are serious about giving up smoking, don’t keep it a secret; share your aim with work colleagues, friends and family. You’ll be surprised how supportive these people can be.

There is nothing wrong with seeking medical help if you want to stop smoking. It is after all a drug addiction, like narcotics and alcohol. Very few people are big enough and bold enough to go it alone. You can go to your family GP, or if you live and/or work in London, you can drop into our private walkin clinic London Wall for a consultation with one of our clinicians.

It’s good idea to try some sort of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). NRT comes in various forms. You can get nicotine nasal sprays and nicotine inhalers. These are usually only available on prescription. There are also a couple of anti-smoking medications. There are also a variety of gums, lozenges, microtabs and patches, many of which are available without prescription over the counter at good pharmacies, or at the in-house pharmacy here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall.  

The anti-smoking medications that the available here in the UK, can only be obtained on prescription. The two most commonly available are Zyban (Bupropion), and Champix (Varenicline). These do not contain nicotine substitutes. Instead, they work by dampening the cravings in the brain. These medications are available here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall.

Broadgate Clinic London Wall can help you to choose the best products for you

The thing with all of these different products, is that some work quickly and a great for sudden urges that creep up on your out of nowhere, whilst others work more slowly; in the background as it were. So for example, you may find it works best for you if you take apply a nicotine patch to deal with the background craving, but use another faster acting product for those sudden cravings. For the best use for you as an individual, chat to one of our specialist doctors here at our walkin private GP clinic London Wall facility for a recommendation.

Identify and avoid trigger points

Identify the situations where you feel most under pressure to smoke. These situations usually include things like going to the pub or a party; talking on the phone, driving your car, watching television, or just after eating. Once you know these trigger points, you can either try and avoid them, or minimise them; or have a plan of action in place, for example chewing gum after a meal, or while watching TV, or when driving.

As we mentioned before, Broadgate Clinic London Wall strongly suggest that you inform everyone you associate with about your bid to give-up. If they are good friends they will look out for you and try to help and support you.

Use delaying tactics

Bear in mind that the craving for lighting up is usually a short lived one – just a few minutes. Tell yourself that you’ll give you craving more thought in a few minutes. In the meantime try to find something to take your mind off it. Nine times out of ten, by the time you get round to considering the craving again, it will have passed.

Chew it over

Smoking is a physical act as well as a mental habit. Finding something else to do with your mouth can help to take you mind off a craving, or to reduce its intensity? You can chew gum (preferably sugar-free), you can suck on a boiled sweet, or, on a more healthy kick, you could munch on a stick of celery, some pieces of raw carrot, or a handful of nuts or sunflower seeds.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise can be used as a distraction to take your mind off any cravings. Also, because physical exercise is good for your health generally, it is a positive in terms of mental health too. Just 30 minutes per day can have a truly beneficial effect and strengthen your resolve too.

Tips for relaxing

Some smokers tend to link smoking as a way of helping them to deal with stress. Trying to resist a tobacco craving is in itself stressful, so it’s a good idea to lessen any stress by practising a few relaxation techniques. These techniques are simple things, such as deep breathing exercises, hypnosis, massage, muscle relaxation, and visualisation exercises.

Recount the benefits

One good way of distracting yourself is to go over the many benefits of stopping smoking in your mind. Some people even go so far as to jot them down each time or even say them out loud..

Never give in

The most important thing is never to give in. Many people are plagued by a persistent little voice tempting them to stop and just have the one cigarette. Whatever you do – don’t succumb. It’s the thin end of the wedge. Before you know it, you’ll be back on to 20 per day or more. With smoking, it’s all or nothing. There is no halfway house.

Stop Smoking Support from Broadgate Clinic London Wall

Remember that help is at hand. Stopping smoking is difficult for anyone. Getting the right professional support can make all the difference; so remember. If you live and/or work here in London, Broadgate Clinic London Wall here in the heart of the city is only a short walk away. We are literally only a two to three minute walk from Moorgate and Bank Tube stations, so you can get to us easily from anywhere in London. Our walkin Clinic London has helped many people to quit smoking. Why not let us help you too?