Travel Vaccinations

If you’re planning a vacation or extended holiday in an exotic location, you may need to get vaccinated to safeguard against any potential diseases. Vaccinations are available to protect you against infections such as yellow fever, typhoid and hepatitis A.

Travelling to exotic locations, leaves you open to exotic diseases. There is no need to panic about this, it doesn’t meant that you’re going to encounter a never heard of virus, it just means that you will encounter common diseases in the parts of the world you are travelling to that you are extremely unlikely – if ever – going to encounter at home. As you haven’t been exposed to these diseases naturally before, you will have little or no natural immunity to them and this is why vaccines are important.

Routine vs Travel Vaccinations

Travel vaccines act as reinforcements to your routine vaccinations and provide you with protection from the diseases you are not yet protected from. Travel vaccines are often offered separately from routine vaccinations precisely because they aren’t routine. The exact vaccinations you will need depend on where you are going, how long for, your past medical history and a variety of other risk factors. It is a good idea to do some research and get a basic understanding of what you need from reputable sources.

You Can’t Put a Price on your Health

It is a simple fact that many of these diseases such as yellow fever, typhoid and hepatitis A for example can not only ruin your trip but can have serious long term health complications and in some cases even post a risk to your life.

Medical and health professionals have a rigorous system for risk assessment and a grading system for each country. The terminology differs slightly depending on which country you come from, but they are always based on which vaccinations are very strongly advised for the diseases with a very high risk factor, the vaccinations that are sometimes recommended for those diseases with a variable risk dependent on individual factors, and those vaccinations which travellers may also consider for those diseases with a low chance of being contracted.

Three Important Reasons for Getting Travel Vaccinations

Risk of Disease

If you are travelling to an exotic location, you may be at risk of numerous diseases your body is not prepared to fight. As a preventative measure, it’s important to receive the appropriate vaccinations. A vaccine contains the microorganism in its weakest form that is then injected into your body. Your immune system produces antibodies to fight off the organism in the event you meet the disease again.

Returning Home

Some vaccines, such as yellow fever, are requires before you enter a country. This is due to the high risk of exposure for such diseases, in which they can be transmitted through a mosquito bite and passed along once the host is infected. Without these required vaccines, you may run into difficulties returning home.

Save Money on Healthcare

If you opt to go on your trip without getting the recommended vaccinations and contact an illness, you could end up spending a fortune on medical care.

What Else Should I Know About Travel Vaccines?

Many vaccines will leave you feeling a touch under the weather after you are inoculated. There is also an incubation period before you are fully protected. Your GP should give you all the facts, but it’s important to not wait until the last minute to get vaccinated.