Each individual’s sexual history is different – some people meet the person they want to be with at a young age, whereas others may have numerous relationships over the years. It is a common misconception that the only people at risk of sexual health issues, such as STDs, are those that have ‘one night stands’. Although having many one-night stands would increase the risk of catching an STD, there is also a risk involved for individuals who have only ever had long-term relationships.

Perhaps you have only ever had sex with one person and you are in a steady, long-term relationship. However, if your partner had unprotected sex with just one person before they met you, then you are at risk of having caught an STD. This just goes to show that you do not need to be a promiscuous individual to catch an STD and visiting a sexual health clinic is something that most responsible adults should be doing every time they engage with a new sexual partner.

In addition to this you may also feel reassured that you have not experienced any symptoms of an STD. If you have no symptoms then this is definitely a good thing – however there are a few different diseases that do not necessarily cause any symptoms. One such disease is Chlamydia, which does not always cause symptoms but can result in infertility if left untreated.

Discreet Sexual Health Screening

Our clinic offers Sexual Health Screening in London for a number of diseases, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Herpes. We operate a walk in facility, which allows patients to simply drop by during the ‘walk in’ hours and get tested there an then! Alternatively patients are able to book an appointment for a time that suits them. Our private blood tests provide results, which are available very quickly; some results will be available immediately, whereas others may take a few days or weeks to arrive. Our friendly staff are able to offer confidential sexual health advice, along with the necessary treatment, should you require it.

For more information and full directions to our London Wall surgery, call 020 7638 4330 or visit https://www.broadgategp.co.uk/gp-services.