When working offshore you might be away for many months at a time. It is therefore crucial that you book regular health visits with your local GP to ensure that you are in optimum health. If you do have any health concerns, be sure to identify who the medical officer or worker is at your destination, so you know where to go for help or advice while working offshore.

However, if you should experience any health difficulties, regular health appointments will allow you to monitor your condition, receive regular prescriptions to ensure you have the appropriate medication, and keep your GP informed about any changes to your condition. You will also benefit from receiving information about how best to manage your condition.

Often when people work offshore they are very busy when they get back into the country, visiting family and friends. While it is important for your mental health to keep strong social ties, it is just as important, if not more so, that comprehensive health checks are carried out as a priority. This includes checking your physical, mental and sexual health.

Sexual Health

Some Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) will not show up in a health screen immediately after unprotected sex. It is therefore very important to receive regular health checks to prevent the spread of disease, or to treat a disease you may not be aware you had when you went away. Always travel with enough contraceptives for the period that you expect to be away and always practice safe sex. If you do happen to have unprotected sex, be sure you book a sexual health screen as soon as you return to your country.

Mental Health

If you work in a career that takes you away from family and friends for long intervals, such as being an engineer on an oilrig, you may find it can take a toll on your mental health. This is due, in part, to being away from the comfort and support of your family and peers.

Many people experience a range of mental health issues throughout their life, from mild depression to more severe conditions such as psychosis or paranoid schizophrenia. These mental health conditions can arise without the patient realising that they are unwell. This is another reason regular comprehensive health checks are vitally important if you are working offshore. It is also very important that you report anything unusual about your thoughts and feelings to your GP, so that they can understand if anything is wrong and how best to treat it.

Mental health is sometimes a taboo people are afraid to be honest about, but if you have any mental health issues they will only be cured if they are communicated.

Try to be conscious of your mental wellbeing and practice activities that will promote it, such as Yoga, Tai Chi or meditation. A regular exercise regime is beneficial to mental health, and is recommended to help boost your immune system and keep your heart in optimal condition.  

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