The importance of cancelling your GP appointment

If you’ve booked an appointment with your GP, and you subsequently decide that you will not be keeping it, for whatever reason; it’s important that you cancel it.

It’s not just good manners

Cancelling your GP appointment is not just good manners. There are several practical reasons why it is necessary to cancel an appointment, rather than just not turning up. These reasons are:

  • Wastes valuable doctor time
  • Wastes valuable nurse time
  • May result in other patients having to wait longer for their appointments
  • A cancelled appointment can be offered to another patient
  • May reduce waiting times at the surgery
  • May lessen how far ahead new appointments are made

Non-cancelled appointments cost the NHS £700 million per annum

It is estimated that missed, non-cancelled appointments cost the NHS as much as £700 million per annum. An empty seat in the waiting room could mean lost time for other patients who could have been seen for medical treatment or advice, some of which could be urgent.

Cancelling appointments made with Broadgate Clinic London Wall

One of the big advantages of using the medical services of Broadgate Clinic London Wall – our private GP Clinic London – is our walk-in, no appointment service. But some people prefer to make appointments anyway, and it is to these patients we appeal that they ensure they cancel any appointments they will not be able to keep.