Confidential Advice

If you are concerned about your sexual health then we can offer you confidential advice. The walk-in-clinic is a way of getting fast blood test results and swab results in a completely confidential environment. We are able to carry out any necessary tests to check for STDs and then provide you with quick results!

Visit Our Travel Clinic for Instant Advice

Have you left your travel vaccinations until the last minute? Perhaps you are too busy to make an appointment? Simply drop by our walk-in-clinic and we will be able to see you right away. When you visit a travel clinic we will be able to offer you a tailored assessment based on your itinerary. We can then provide you with the vaccinations that you need!

Visit Broadgate GP Today

If you would like to visit Broadgate GP then simply come down to the clinic to take advantage of our walk-in-clinic. However if you would prefer to make an appointment then call us and we will be able to find a time that suits you!