STD Testing

If you live in London and you are sexually active, you ought to consider asking yourself, should you be tested at an STD clinic in London?

You should be tested at an STD clinic in London at least once per year

The fact of the matter is that if you are sexually active you should be tested at an STD clinic in London, or wherever else it is convenient to do so, once every year. This applies even if you practice safe sex.

If you have unprotected sex then you should get tested as soon afterwards as possible, and the same goes for each event of unprotected sex you are involved in.

The only relaxation to this guidance is if you are in a steady or permanent relationship and you are 100% sure that your partner doesn’t carry an infection and does not have sex with anyone else. In these instances being tested at a London STD clinic, or a clinic elsewhere, should be unnecessary.

Asymptomatic STDs making testing advisable

In well over 50% of instances, STDs are asymptomatic. In plain English, they do not display any symptoms. Basically this means that you or your partner could carry an infection for many months, or even years, without being aware.

This is one of the reasons that if you do become infected, you should inform all of your sexual partners. They could be infected without knowing it, and will potentially be passing the infection on each time they have sex, especially if it is unprotected sex.

If everyone at risk was to be tested at an STD clinic in London or elsewhere at least once per year, we would witness a significant reduction in the report rate of new STD infections.

Why choose Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall?

The whereabouts of the clinic may not be critical. Logically, you will go where it is most convenient to do so. However, if you live and/or work in London, going to an STD clinic in London like Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall, could well be your best option.

We are a private clinic, and as with all private clinics, discretion and confidentiality are the foundations of the service.

Another significant advantage that we here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall have, is the walk-in service that we provide. For more information, you can simply call in when it is convenient to do so, or phone us on 020 7638 4330.