Protecting Against An STD

When you begin a new relationship, and before you have sex, you ought to tell your partner to attend a London STD testing clinic. It may not be the easiest thing in the world to do, or even to consider. However, it may be one of the most important things you ever do in life.

London is a national STD black-spot

According to a recent article published in the Evening Standard newspaper, one in four of all new STDs here in the UK, are in London, making the capital an STD black-spot. The article revealed that according to Public Health England, over one third of new STDs reported in the City, were among the age group 15 to 24. In terms of gonorrhoea, 70% of new cases were with men who have sex with other men.

The plain fact of the matter is that if you begin a relationship with someone new, in nearly 1 in 4 instances, that person could be carrying an STD. Bearing in mind that STDs can cause serious health problems, including infertility, can you afford to take the risk? That is why we recommend you tell any new partner to attend a London STD clinic like Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall.

STDs are often asymptomatic

One thing that may make telling your partner easier, is to go for testing yourself – even though you do not believe you need to. One of the disturbing and potentially dangerous facts about STDs is that in many instances they are asymptomatic. In other words they display no symptoms whatsoever.

The other time you should tell your partner to attend a London STD testing clinic is if you are aware that he/she has an infection. Before jumping to any hasty conclusions, always remember that if your partner does not display symptoms, he/she may have been infected months or even years ago without knowing.

The fact that a partner may be asymptomatic doesn’t of course mean that you will be. The appearance and severity of symptoms varies from person to person.

Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall is a discrete London STD testing centre

Attending an STD/GUM clinic often has bad connotations attached to it. People may be afraid they will be spotted entering or leaving. That is why many people prefer to use the London STD testing centre operated by Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall.

Broadgate GP Clinic is a private clinic that treats and tests people for all sorts of general illnesses. To an onlooker, being spotted visiting this clinic doesn’t mean you must have an STD. You could be attending for another reason.

The other useful fact about the London STD testing centre at Broadgate GP is that it operates on a walk-in basis, for maximum convenience. Confidentiality and discretion are of course assured.