Health Symptoms

According to medical professionals, there are certain symptoms you must always get checked out by a doctor. They are:

  • A persistent cough that carries on for more then 3-weeks
  • Any changes you experience in your urinary or bowel movements
  • Persistent headaches
  • Blurred vision

If you ignore any of the above symptoms, you could delay the diagnosis of a life changing or threatening illness or condition.

Being afraid of the symptoms you must always get checked out

According to an article in the Daily Mirror, 57% of the UK population delay going to see their GPs with certain symptoms. They do this because they are afraid of what they might be told.

The truth is one-in-ten (the figure is actually 12%) will be suffering from a significant life threatening disease. These are diseases that could have been prevented had sufferers seen a doctor earlier than they did.

Turning the symptoms you must get check out into a win-win scenario

Over half the UK population have delayed seeing a doctor over 2 significant symptoms in the past 5-years. The average delay before actually seeing a doctor is 7-months.

Other research carried out in the compilation of this report showed the following. 11% of women delayed seeing a doctor having discovered lumps in their breasts. In addition, 9% of men put-off seeing a doctor after finding lumps on their testicles.

This is absolute folly. If you have a serious illness, it will only get worse. It could perhaps become unmanageable and potentially fatal. If you don’t have a serious illness, early diagnosis can prevent you from worrying unnecessarily.

Seeing a doctor early with any of the symptoms you must always checked out, can only ever be a win-win scenario.

Walk-in screening and health checks at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall

For people who live and work in London, including those who live in the suburbs and who find difficulty in taking time off work to see their GPs, the walk in screening services operated by Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall, offer a convenient alternative.

If you prefer to phone ahead and make a same-day (or later) appointment, the number to call is 020 7638 4330.

If you live and/or work in London and you display any of the symptoms you must always get checked out as soon as possible. The walk-in clinics run by Broadgate GP Clinic are an excellent option for doing so.