Most responsible adults are well aware of the danger of STIs, and many victims who work in London avail themselves of the sexual health advice service available from Broadgate Clinic London Wall.

The fact of the matter is that even though people are aware of STIs, they are not going away; in fact the incidence rate is increasing. According to statistics published by Public Health England in Table 1: STI diagnoses and rates in England by gender, 2004 to 2013, the overall incidence rate is up by 40%. If that in itself isn’t worrying enough, the breakdown of this rate, is. It shows that the increase of new STIs diagnosed in men was up 23%, while the increase in women was up an alarming 61%!

STIs and alcohol

Part of the problem is related to alcohol. Men and women start off with best intentions in terms of using condoms in they do have a sexual encounter. But as more and more alcohol gets consumed over the course of an evening, the importance of having protected sex seems to diminish.

There are many factors that go to make up the diminishment scenario. Firstly, alcohol-befuddled brains are just not very good at prioritising things.

Priorities go out of the window

Wearing a condom, or making sure that your partner does, is often no longer a priority to a drunken person.

It won’t happen to me

Then there is the “It won’t happen to me” brigade. Unfortunately it can, and frequently does. This sort of mentality extends with drunken drivers who get caught and reprimanded too.

Judgment becomes clouded

Our ability to correctly judge others becomes seriously clouded. We often find that we team up with people that under normal (sober) circumstances we wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

Being taken advantage of

Unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous people around who are only too happy to prey on women who have become incapacitated by alcohol.

Acquiring an STI doesn’t always require full penetrative sex

It only takes one sexual encounter with an infected person to acquire an STI. In some cases, (dependent on the type of STI were talking about), it doesn’t even have to be full penetrative sex that takes place. The touching of genitals can be enough, as can just oral sex.

Don’t let your guard down when you’re on holiday or during the holiday season

Any holiday, be it a seasonal celebration, the annual vacation, or simply a day or two away visiting another   town or city, makes us feel relaxed and often a lot more sociable. However, try to limit your alcohol intake and stay in control of both your senses and your powers of judgment.

Know your sexual partners

Don’t have sex with someone that you don’t know. You can’t accurately assess someone you’ve only just met them. They may be in the habit of “sleeping around”, and if they are, the chances that they are infected with an STI just got a lot higher.

Be prepared – always

The old Boy Scout motto comes to mind, “Be prepared”. Always carry a condom around with you, and always use it if you do have a sexual encounter. This applies to both sexes.

Some people may not know they are infected with an STI

In many instances STIs do not present symptoms. It’s therefore possible for someone to be totally unaware they have an infection. It’s another reason why it’s so vitally important that a condom should always be used.

Be safe not sorry

Broadgate Clinic London Wall operates one of the best STI clinics London has to offer. If you suspect you may have unwittingly acquired an STI, get yourself checked out. Don’t forget you may not have any symptoms but you could still be infected, and you can still pass that infection on. Sometimes undiagnosed, untreated STIs self cure. Sometimes they don’t; but even though they are symptomless, the infection can still progress, and even after many years, make you seriously ill. Be safe and not sorry. If in doubt pop into the walk in STD clinic London based Broadgate GP operates at London Wall.