Sexual health is often considered to be associated with the various diseases that can affect your reproductive system, but in fact it is a rich tapestry of different aspects of sexuality, both mental and physical.

Sexual Psychology

Sexual health is not merely about your physical wellbeing. Your sexual mental health is just as important, whether it means developing rich fantasies to indulge a rich sex life or, conversely, if you have suffered sexual maltreatment that you are trying to recover from. Your sexual psychology should be attended to. This will promote a strong bond with partners and ensure your continued wellbeing. You can seek out sexual psychology therapists who specialise in helping to address matters of your sexual psychology if you are struggling with any problems.

Developing a rich sexual psychology is a fun and fulfilling aspect of sexual health that many healthy and happy couples enjoy as a deepening of their relationship.

Family Planning

Sexual health relates to your reproductive system. Many people only think of their health if they have a problem with it, so assume that disease is the main association with sexual health. Sexual health could mean finding out about different methods of contraceptive to ensure you do not get pregnant. There is a wide range of contraceptive methods for men and women, heterosexuals and homosexuals, all with different benefits and levels of protection. Condoms are the most popular and most thorough in protecting against both disease and pregnancy.

Another aspect of family planning is discovering how to monitor your body to establish when you are most fertile if you are hoping to create a family. It could be that you are experiencing difficulties conceiving and trying to establish why, or pursuing an alternative method to achieve conception. The many facets of family planning form a wide variety of issues in many adults’ lives. From impotency to cervical cancer, abortion and polycystic ovaries, the different issues are infinitely complex and have huge consequences for many people’s lives. 

STIs and STDs

While sexual health isn’t just about disease, disease and how to avoid it is a predominant factor of it. As different contraceptive methods provide different protections, it important to educate yourself about what methods put you at risk of disease. If you experience any strange genital symptoms it is vital to seek medical guidance and to learn what the various sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) symptoms are. 

Every borough in the country has a dedicated sexual health clinic that anyone can visit free of charge in a confidential environment to be screened for STIs and STDs. It is vital that if you suspect you have an infection you pursue medical advice. Clinics have medical workers able to advise you or refer you on to someone who can help. Many provide free contraceptives on request. They also provide abundant literature that you can take away with you on request to help with whatever your query or concern is. 

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