Sexual Health for Young Londoners

Young People & STIs

For some time now, London has been reported to be the region in England to hold the highest number of STIs. It is quite clearly not something to boast about, but addressing this is a must. We have been providing STI tests to London residents since 2009 and know only too well how embarrassing and worrying the process can be. But we are here to take it all away, but firstly would like to educate you on the facts and figures of sexual health for young Londoners.

Having completed some in depth research into sexual health for young Londoners, we have found that 47% of sexually active 16 – 24 year olds have been reported to never had an STI test. This may appear quite surprising but to put it into context, in 2015 there were almost 120,000 new STI diagnosed in London alone, 36% of these STIs were in young Londoners aged between 15 and 24. That’s around 43,200 STIs in London from its youngsters. A lot of them may not even be aware that they have an STI, but with our confidential help and professional advice, we aim to cut this number significantly.

The Facts

Did you know, young people are more at risk to develop poor sexual health? It’s not down to stigma, but because there is no protection used during intercourse. This increases the chance of picking up and STI or worse still, passing it on. Younger people put themselves at risk by having more sexual partners and without using protection. This would therefore increase any factors or chance of contracting an STI or even becoming reinfected. This is worse still as, despite knowing the risks, some people still continue to put themselves and others at unnecessary risk of getting an STI.

However, you can easily reduce the chance or risk of becoming infected with an STIs by simply consistently using the correct protection and condom. If you are having unprotected sex with a new partner/s then having a regular sexual health test in crucial for all involved. Whether you get into a new relationship or have sex with multiple people, reduce the risk of you or the other person getting infected with an STI by using protection.

More than ¼ of 16 to 24 year olds who were sexually active said that buying condoms can be embarrassing. This alone would put an increase in the factors of STI being carried and infecting others. But it can be easily avoided through using the right protection, every time. Rather than feeling embarrassed, simply embrace the fact your doing things right, and be confident to buy condoms. Both the future you and the other person will thank you for it. You’ll massively decrease the chance of getting an STI, and/or passing any on, should you unknowingly already be infected.

Getting Testing for an STI

Although psychic mediums are renowned for predicting the future, they won’t be able to tell you if you have an STI. If you have had unprotected sex or are concerned that you are at risk of having an STI, come to Broadgate GP for a confidential discreet STI test. The sooner you get tested the easier it will be to get treatment. If you put off getting tested, you can put yourself and your sexual partner/s at risk if you continue to have unprotected sex. But with Broadgate GP you don’t need to worry much more, we offer same day sexual health checks at our walk-in health clinic in London. We’re 100% confidential and our service is discreet for all patients. Don’t put off getting tested any longer, come along to Broadgate GP for a same day sexual health test.