Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

If your GP diagnoses you with repetitive strain injury, what they will usually ask you to do is stop whatever activity it is that is causing the symptoms. However, this is sometimes not that simple as the activity causing it may be what you have to do for work each day. There are, however, many simple ways to treat the symptoms of your RSI by yourself.

Firstly, anti-inflammatory painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen are effective at temporarily relieving any painful symptoms caused by your RSI. Painkillers such as these are very easy to get hold of and taking them each day will help relieve the pain caused as you go about your daily business.

Secondly, if your RSI is affecting any joints in the body such as your knees or elbows, finding some kind of support for it may start to relieve any strain on the joint that is causing pain. These can either be recommended by your GP if you consult them on it, or alternatively it is possible to buy supports for joints, however it is advised that you speak to your GP first about what the best one would be for whatever joints are causing pain.

Another way in which pain can be relieved is through a change in your posture or use of muscles. If you were to be referred to a physiotherapist by your GP they could advise you on exercises that would help relieve the strain on any painful or overused muscle tissue by getting you to use alternative muscles. In the long-term this can be an extremely effective way of eradicating any long-term damage that can be caused by having RSI for a number of years.

Finally, although they are not one of the more conventional methods of treatment, use of steroid injections into the inflamed areas has proven to be an effective way of restoring strength to areas of strain. However, like any form of steroids, they can adverse side effects if used too much or if they are used incorrectly. Once again, you are advised to consult your GP over steroid use before considering it as a viable option. Get in touch with us if you are suffering with an RSI.