Same Day STD Test Results

If you think you have put yourself at risk of contracting an STD, you will undoubtedly want to know whether you have contracted one or not. If you live/work in London, then you can have same day STD tests and results at Broadgate GP London Wall. We offer discrete and confidential appointments.

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When To Seek Same Day STD Test Results In London

There are two main things you need to understand about STDs. One is that they don’t always present symptoms although you are still a carrier and can pass it on (this is known as asymptomatic). The other is you will display many symptoms that can easily be confused with other common illnesses such as a cold.

This means that if you are worried you might have been infected through unprotected sexual contact, then don’t wait for the symptoms to appear. Get yourself tested and wait to have sexual contact with any other person until you’ve been tested and got the results.

Even if you’re not concerned that you might have an infection or if you’ve only had one sexual partner within the last couple of months, then it’s still important to get checked. We recommend having a STD test with quick results every 6 months.

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Where To Get Same Day STD Test Results In London?

Under normal circumstance most results for sexually transmitted diseases will typically be available 1 to 5 days from being tested. However when you’re looking for same day tests results in London for STDs, then be sure to visit Broadgate GP. We offer discrete and confidential testing for a number of conditions. Our sexual health clinic is able to offer same day STD results for 6 STDs. These are:

In some cases, we can fast-track STD test results, with results being available in as little as 20 minutes. Our clinic at Broadgate GP London Wall, if part of the Better2Know network. Being part of this enables us to be one of the leading places in London offers same day STD test results. Thanks to our walk-in service, you can drop in at a time that convenient for you.

As long as you are tested half an hour before we close, you may be able to get same day results. We are open Monday to Thursday: 8:00 till 18:30 and Friday 8:00 till 17:30. You can book a discrete and confidential appointment for London STD tests online or call us directly on 020 7638 4330.

Same Day STD Test Results London