Workplace Flu Vaccinations

Seasonal flu accounts for a significant proportion of time lost from work during the winter season. A recent survey by the CBI – Absence and Workplace Health Survey 2010 – found the following:

  • It cost the UK in 2009, almost £17bn for employee absence at an average direct cost of £595 per employee – A new high record!
  • 95% respondent were identified as minor illness, such as colds or flu. These illnesses were the cause of short term absence for manual and non-manual workers.

By taking the seasonal flu vaccine, you can reduce the effect of the flu virus on your workforce by immunisation. This year’s flu vaccine includes the H1N1 “swine flu” component. This gives everyone outside the high risk group an opportunity to be vaccinated against the swine flu by using the traditional seasonal flu vaccine instead of the specially made pandemic vaccine which was initiated in Autumn 2010.

We provide a corporate flu vaccination service where one of our specialist trained healthcare providers travels to your company premises and deliver the vaccine to your staff. This includes a cost effective method which decreases the cost of absenteeism and offers a benefit to your employees.

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  1. The following minimum fees apply for the site visits:
    • Full day service. The service is for 7 hours and we would be able to vaccinate up to 100 of your employees.
    • Half day services. This includes a service for 3.5 hours and vaccination of up to 50 of your employees.
  2. When our healthcare provider visits your organisation, they will provide all vaccines, emergency kits and also medical equipment.
  3. Requirements:
    • A telephone line to access emergency first aid or mobile phone reception in the room that is provided
    • A waiting area for your employees.
    • A list of employees attending with their date of birth and time of appointment recorded. We need to have a clear idea of how many employees are attending but we also have extra vaccinations just in case of last minute additions.
    • In order for us to help your organisation on-site, we will provide an information sheet and consent form which your employees will need to fill in and bring to the appointment.

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Workplace Flu Vaccinations London