Women’s Health

At Broadgate GP, we focus on Women’s health issues at our Private Women’s Health Clinic right here in the heart of London. We offer the following areas:

  • Well Women Screening
  • Contraception – including emergency contraception
  • Family Planning and Fertility
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening
  • Gynaecological and female health issues
  • Antenatal and Postnatal Care
  • Cervical Smears and Cervical Screens
  • Breast Screening
  • Cervical Cancer
  • HPV Testing
  • The HPV Vaccines – Cervarix and Gardasil

We also offer help, support and products regarding, weight control and giving-up smoking.

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Well Woman Screening

Broadgate Clinics offer the Well Women Screen in order to help promote good health and also to detect any early potential health issue which may arise. This covers a comprehensive physical examination, blood testing, a cervical smear and a full medical report. Our Well Woman Screen is targeted as the gender specific conditions that women are susceptible to. These relate to breast and gynaecological health.

Having a regular Well Woman Screenis an important lifestyle decision for any woman. The doctors at Broadgate GP will help you identify aspects of your lifestyle that may be putting your health at risk. This Well Woman Screen is especially developed to focus on the most important areas of female health.

We offer a discreet and private service, whether you are looking for a full assessment, or a consultation, a Pap or cervical smear only, treatment for vaginal thrush, or help with a recurring cystitis problem.

The Cervical Smear Screen includes:

  • Consultation and discussion
  • Cervical Smear only

The Well Woman Screen includes:

  • Questionnaire and discussion of medical history
  • Physical examination of axillary lymph nodes, breasts, abdomen and pelvic examination.
  • Weight and height assessment with a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation

Special investigations:

  1. Blood Tests:
    • Full blood count
    • ESR
    • Total cholesterol profile
  2. Urine Analysis
    • Cervical smear
    • Medical report

Additional tests can be added to the Well Woman Screen should you have specific concerns. These are prices separately and could include the following:

    • Mammogram, breast ultrasound or chest X-rays
    • Cervical Chlamydia swab
    • Thyroid function test (TFT)
    • Laboratory urine investigations
    • HPV testing

Other Well Woman London City Services

Contraception – be in control of your family future prospects. Good female contraception helps to keep women in control of their lives. Choosing the right contraception method and/or device should be tailored to your lifestyle. There are 15 different methods of female contraception and our specialist doctors here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall can help you to choose the one which suits your individual needs, circumstances and lifestyle the best.

Family planning and fertility – natural family planning. Natural family planning helps women to identify when they are at their most fertile. This is an important tool, both in terms of optimising a woman’s ability to conceive, and helping to minimise the chances of an unwanted or unplanned-for pregnancy. A private, confidential consultation with one of our experienced doctors will increase a woman’s understanding of best managing her fertility potential.

STI screening – protect your sexual health. STI screening will detect whether or not a woman has contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI). This is significantly important, not just in terms of sexual health, but general health, and the prospects of a woman’s fertility potential. STIs do not always present symptoms. Be safe. Protect yourself; protect your partner(s), and protect your fertility by being screened for an STI if you have had unprotected sex, or you display known symptoms. Symptoms are listed on the web-pages of this website for each type of STI.

Gynaecological and female health issues – the health of the female reproductive organs. Gynaecology is at the heart of the well-women screening we provide here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall. Most women will suffer from some sort of gynaecological disorder at some point in their lives. Vaginal thrush caused by candida is a classic example. Problems can relate to the breasts, and the organs in the abdominal and pelvic areas, including the fallopian tubes, the uterus, the ovaries, and the vagina. Well women screening targets these gender specific areas, helping to catch any irregularities in the early stages.

Antenatal and Postnatal Care – care for pregnant women and new mums. There are a number of checks and tests that a pregnant woman can have to monitor the health of the mum to be and the unborn child. These are all part of the well-women screening services that we here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall. Postnatal care is also key; not only from a physical health point of view, but from a mental health point of view too – for example, helping to diagnose and treat post natal depression.

Cervical Smears and Cervical Screens – Cervical screening, or Pap Smear, programmes have been effective in early detection of abnormal cells thereby reducing the number of diagnosed cervical cancer cases and ensuring early treatment and monitoring. Private clinicians recommend screening starts when a teenage girl becomes sexually active or at the age of 18 years, followed by regular (and in certain cases annual) testing. The cervical screen is not a test for cancer but rather a method of detecting and treating abnormalities that if left untreated could lead to cancer. It is important to know that abnormal results do not necessarily indicate cervical cancer.

HPV Vaccine – Cervarix and Gardasil

HPV vaccines Cervarix and Gardasil has been available since XXX and is helping the fight against cervical cancer. Since most people are exposed to HPV once they become sexually active, the ideal way to prevent HPV infection would be through vaccination prior to exposure. Cervarix and Gardasil protect against the common high risk types HPV 16 and HPV 18 and most other high risk types. The vaccines have shown high effectiveness in preventing specific strains of HPV virus infections which cause nealry 80% of cervical cancer.

Breast Screening – the foundation of good breast health. Breast screening is fundamental to best breast health. As many as one in every eight women here in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives. Early discover is vital and that is what the breast screening program here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall is designed to do. Women who for some reason cannot take part in the national breast screening program every three years, can attend breast screening as part of the well-women screening service here at Broadgate.

Cervical Cancer – facilitating prevention. Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death in the developing world with about 3,000 new cases diagnosed each year in the UK. The primary underlying cause of cervical cancer is infection with the Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, a very common sexually transmitted disease. Although most HPV infections resolve spontaneously, those that persist may lead to the development of precancer cells and cancer.

HPV Testing – screening for the Human Papilloma Virus. HPV testing in women is the next step forward after a positive cervical smear test, in the prevention of the possible development of cervical cancer. There is a strong connection between Cervical Cancer and HPV or Human Papilloma Virus, a very common sexually transmitted disease. Most HPV infections resolve naturally but those who deny the infection can lead to the development of pre-cancer cells and cancer. It is an intrinsic and potentially hugely beneficial part of well-women screening.

The HPV Vaccines – Cervarix and Gardasil – HPV vaccination. Cervarix and Gardasil are the two types of vaccine licensed here in the UK to provide immunity to HPV. Now administered to female school students, these vaccines can also be administered to women who missed out on the new national immunisation program, as part of the well-women screening program.

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Well Women Screening Clinic in London

Women living and/or working in London can visit the well-women clinic at Broadgate Clinic London Wall for well-women screening, and help with going through the menopause. Screening is available on a walk-in basis, or by prior appointment if you wish to phone ahead. If you do wish to book an appointment, the number to call is 020 7638 4330.